02 February 2020


    How to find out what Vodacom plan you're on

    Getting the details on your plan is quick and easy with My Vodacom.

    We live busy lives, and it's no surprise that, for many of us, some time in the two years of having our Vodacom plan or package, the nitty-gritty or even the name of the plan slips our mind.

    The next time you're wondering whether the plan you're on suits your needs, follow one of these two processes to access the details.

    My Vodacom online 

    Log in to My Vodacom by entering your cellphone number (without spaces) and your password, then click on Log In, or choose to get a one-time password sent to your phone by clicking on Use OTP if you can't remember your password.

    You will then be able to access all kinds of information on your plan, including your bill so far, the date when your next upgrade is due, and the name of your plan.

    To find out more about the plan you're on, click on its name. This will bring up the amount you pay, plus the details of the plan: the minutes or airtime, data and SMSs that you get as part of the package.

    If you're not registered for My Vodacom yet, click on the purple Register button. Registration is very quick and easy.

    My Vodacom App 

    Download the app from your app store to get access to all of these details while you're on the go. 

    Once you're in the app, go to Account Overview and then Account Details. Here, you will see the name of your plan and its details – you may need to scroll down a little.

    Now that you know the name of your plan and have been reminded of the benefits you get from your plan, you can assess whether it fits in with your needs. 

    If not, call Customer Care on 082 135 for free from your Vodacom phone, and discuss your options with a consultant.

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