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Want to know how to pay your Vodacom account with cash? All the information you need will be on your statement. Just in case you don’t have that handy, however, here are the easy steps to follow, as well as a couple of options.

1.  At a bank

You can pay at any branch of Standard Bank, ABSA, FNB or Nedbank. Simply go to the counter. Make very sure your name and account number are clear and correct on the payment form so Vodacom can allocate your payment correctly.

2.  On the net

Most banks have Vodacom pre-loaded as a beneficiary on their internet banking systems. Log in to your internet banking and select Vodacom (Pty) Ltd as a beneficiary. Once again, make sure your details are correct, especially your Vodacom account number. Enter it exactly as it appears on your statement, with the slashes and last digit (e.g. N001245-6)

3.  At an ATM

Most banks offer this facility. Simply select Vodacom (Pty) Ltd from the list of beneficiaries.

4.  At Vodacom Walk-in Customer Care

Our friendly consultants will be more than happy to help. If you are in Pretoria, you can also pay at Vodacom’s Regional Offices. 

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Manage your account on the go 

The easiest way to manage your account is to download the free My Vodacom app. It lets you manage your account on your phone. You can view your balances and buy data, SMS and MMS bundles from your phone 24/7. Transfer airtime or data bundles to family and friends. Activate your eBilling, and view and exchange talking points easily. Discover your next upgrade date, PUK number and find a Vodacom outlet near you.

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