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We've had a look at Vodacom's Video Ticket and Social Ticket, both of which make it super convenient to stay connected to the things and people you love. But as WhatsApp remains one of the most popular platforms, you may find it useful to buy a Vodacom Ticket that allows you to stay in touch via that network specifically. Here is more detail on the Vodacom WhatsApp Ticket and how to use it.

What is a WhatsApp Ticket?

Vodacom's WhatsApp Ticket allows you to send and receive text messages, videos and audio files via the WhatsApp messaging app. It excludes voice and video calling and can't be used while roaming internationally. It is exclusive to all Vodacom customers – prepaid, Top Up and contracts.

How much does a WhatsApp Ticket cost?

Vodacom WhatsApp Tickets start at only R1 for 10MB, which is valid for one hour. Or you can buy a bundle of 50MB for R3 or 250MB for R5, both of which are valid for one day. There is also a three-day option of R6 for 100MB, a seven-day option of R12 for 250MB and a 30-day option of 1,024MB for R35.

How do I buy a WhatsApp Ticket?

To redeem your WhatsApp Ticket, dial *123*43# or *135#, select option 2 and then option 5. You can buy as many Tickets as you want, but you can't buy a new bundle until your existing one is depleted. For as long as you have a valid WhatsApp Ticket bundle in place, all data used by WhatsApp (with the exception of voice and video calls) will be taken first from your WhatsApp bundle. 

For more information about the Vodacom WhatsApp Ticket, visit Vodacom Online and to find out more about Vodacom's other Tickets, read 'Find the right Vodacom Ticket for you'.

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