How Vodacom Keeps Employees Healthy And Happy
Brand With A Purpose
26 March 2024


How Vodacom Keeps Employees Healthy And Happy

Vodacom was named a top employer in South Africa and Africa by the Top Employers Institute. Our wellbeing programme is a key factor to this achievement. Here we unpack this successful initiative.

As a Top Employer, Vodacom constantly strives to keep our people happy and engaged by listening to them via our engagement strategy. This enables us to partner with them and introduce initiatives and policies that enable work-life balance. This year we celebrate our 30th anniversary and one of the many things we are proud of is how our human-centric approach to employment drives empathy within the workplace and ultimately leads to healthy and happy employees.

Mental health programme and support 

Vodacom has a well-being programme and initiatives that allow us to partner with our people through the Wellbeing Ambassador programme. These ambassadors act as the first point of contact to assist with mental health support and referrals for serious issues. As a purpose-led organization, we understand that education and awareness are important. This is why we have mandatory, self-paced online mental health learning programmes, and policies that ensure people receive the right support when needed at the different stages of their lives.

Employee assistance programmes 

Vodacom offers various employee assistance services, such as: 

- 24/7/365 telephonic counselling, support and advice – available to employees and immediate family members 

- Emotional and mental health support 

- Legal advice 

- Financial advice 

- Onsite counsellor 

- Onsite financial coach 

- Managerial support 

- Mediation services between employees 

Primary healthcare nurses on-site in all regions 

Vodacom has a qualified primary healthcare nurse on-site at all offices. They can administer over-the-counter medication and perform health checks like blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol testing. They may also administer Vitamin B injections and perform emergency first aid when needed.  

Occupational health doctors and nurses (Midrand and Cape Town) 

Vodacom also has programmes for employees who work outside of the office, offering a medical surveillance programme and providing annual medical checks for high-risk job profiles. This includes employees who work at heights, as well as drivers and call centre agents, among others. 

Wellness centres: service providers for self-care 

Vodacom employees have access to several self-care services in various locations:  


- Hair salon 

- Personal trainer 

- Yoga studio 

- Chiropractor 

- Physiotherapist 

- Dentist 

- Nail technicians 

- Beauticians 

- Optometrist 

Kwa-Zulu Natal  

- Hair salon 

- Gym/yoga studio  

- Nail technicians 

- Beauticians 

Cape Town  

- Hair salon 

- Personal trainer/yoga studio  

- Physiotherapist  

- Mobile Dentist  

- Nail technicians  

- Beauticians 

Other wellness services Vodacom provides for staff include on-site physical activities like boot camp, Yoga, and a walking track (Midrand campus only). Employees can also access support groups, well-being power hour webinars, and topical workshops. The company also has quarterly spirit days, where staff are encouraged to focus on their holistic well-being.  

During our 30 years of service, it has always been important to us to be a place where people love to work. As the top employer in Africa, we have proven this, and continue to work towards maintaining our reputation. Want to work at Vodacom?  See if we have a career opportunity for you.