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Vodacom Now!

In January this year, we launched the Vodacom Siyakha platform for our loyal prepaid customers. The focus is on free access to zero-rated sites and content in key categories, namely education, jobs, health and social connectivity. 

This means prepaid customers can enjoy access to a world of information and tools regardless of whether they have airtime/data on their phones. All you need is to stay active on the Vodacom network with a Vodacom SIM card.

Attention all caregivers

To build on the existing health category we’ve just launched an exciting new tool called Mum and Baby which provides customers with stage-based pregnancy information and advice in the form of educational articles, videos and more. In addition to this, customers will get three weekly SMSes to keep them updated on their pregnancy.

We haven’t only thought of Mums! We understand that in our diverse country a child may have a number of caregivers from a granny to a dad. The Mum and Baby tool is available to all caregivers taking care of a baby or toddler or preparing to take care of a newborn. 

No net access required

What’s more, the tool is available on USSD or via a mobisite, making it easy to access, even when you’re on the go.

If you’re excited to learn more about your baby’s development during pregnancy, as well as receive important health tips and advice to guide you along the way, you'll love having a tool like Mum and Baby always at your fingertips.

For more information dial *135*88# or visit

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