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    20 October 2020


    Keeping you connected to the world of TikTok

    Have you tried any of these TikTok challenges yet?

    Tik Tok is now available on the Vodacom Social Ticket, which is an affordable way for you to enjoy one of your favourite social media apps. A one-hour Ticket costs R5, a seven-day Ticket costs R35 and a one-month Ticket costs R60.

    From couples testing just how well they know eachother, to fitting workout routines into one minute, to yet another TikTok dance challenge, which one have you already tried?

    #CouplesQuestions Challenge

    The audio in this challenge asks a couple a few questions about their relationship. With their eyes closed the couple points at whomever the answer applies to the most. This blind challenge can expose some interesting truths about the relationship. It's a fun challenge which has been done by celebrities like Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner.

    #WhereAreYouFrom Challenge:

    It is so easy to guess someone's nationality completely wrong, as much as most of us know that we should not judge someone's nationality by how they look. Many people still do. So in the spirit of showcasing the some of the wrong nationalities people have been mistaken for this, in this challenge you first show all the wrong naitonalities and then lastly the right one, all to the beat of a cool song an healthy bit of attitude.

    #CreateLikeMe Challenge:​​​​​​

    The #Createlikeme VodacomNXTLVL challenge on Tik Tok encouraged people to get creative while using the iphone ringtone Amapiano Remix By Jashmir.

    #JunkPark Challenge:

    This is yet another tiktok dance challenge. The junk park or also known as the Zlele dance challenge. 

    #Jerusalema Challenge:

    The global hit song Jerusalema by local DJ and producer Master KG was released in October 2019. The song gained global status during lockdown this year, when a group of friends in Angola dancing to the song went viral. People all over began doing the dance sequence to the song, creating the #JerusalemaChallenge. 

    #OneMinuteFitness Challenge:

    For those who love a fitness challenge this one is for you. Put together a condensed workout routine so that it is done in one minute. It's been said that during lockdown these fitness challenges have been the at-home workout routines for the TikTok generation. 

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