Tips and tricks
    01 April 2020


    Your handy self-service guide

    If you ever need help with your Vodacom device or plan, take a quick look at our top five frequently asked questions and their simple solutions.  

    Helping yourself has never been easier with Vodacom. 

    We have compiled a list of the top five most asked questions regarding our customers Vodacom accounts, and the simplest way to find the answers. 

    How to find your PUK number 

    Locked out of your phone? There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling of entering your PIN number incorrectly for the third time and being locked out. Sure you can still make emergency calls, but you won’t be able to make or receive phone calls, send and receive SMSs or use your data. Before you sound the alarms and go into complete panic take a minute to 'Keep calm and find your PUK'.

    SIM Swap 

    There are many reasons you might need a new SIM card. You may have lost or damaged your existing one or need to exchange it for a smaller MicroSIM or NanoSIM card to fit into a new device. 

    Decode your Vodacom bill

    The My Vodacom App is an awesome tool for checking your bill, buying bundles and tracking your usage, but what do the different parts of your bill mean? And when are certain allocations available to use? Click here to find out what you need to know.

    How to check your data bundle balance

    Worried that you're running out of data? Keep track by checking your balance using one of these convenient methods.

    How to find your Vodacom account number

    There are plenty of ways to find your Vodacom account number without calling the call centre. Have a look at this helpful guide for all you need to know.

    Are you using our super-convenient app? If not, Download the My Vodacom App for Android or iOS now and simplify your life!