02 March 2017


    Mastering SAP Technologies

    Join Vodacom at the Mastering SAP Technologies Conference on 13 to 15 March in Johannesburg to find out more about how SAP helps your company maximise talent, tech and innovation.

    On 13, 14 and 15 March 2017, the SAP Technologies Conference will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Rosebank, Johannesburg. 

    If you are looking to make the most of the talent, tech and innovation at your company's fingertips, come listen to Grant Tate speaking on behalf of Vodacom, about how SAP database management systems and Vodacom's data centres can help your company work more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

    Those in attendance will learn how Vodacom leverages its extensive Asset Base to provide services enabling businesses to remain business ready. In-depth discussions on eliminating your infrastructure headache; increasing exposure to IOT and Big Data, leveraging off EDI Services and GIS solutions and expanding your mobile solution’s will be the talk of the day.

    Why choose Vodacom?

    Vodacom's data centres are being built at state-of-the-art security facilities, compliant with international security standards and the POPI Act in the South African market. This means that when you use Vodacom's Managed Cloud Services, you can trust that your business information is completely safe. 

    In a digital environment, it's all about connectivity. Vodacom is not only the market choice for connectivity but also a market leader with a large footprint of business related services. Vodacom facilitates the largest number of business traffic amongst and between different business partners and between different devices and business back-office environments.

    Vodacom’s Cloud and Hosting services coupled with extensive IOT and Big Data capability provide an opportunity to business partners to attain an ease of mind in complex “business as usual” operations and to focus on complex competitive challenges. Vodacom’s SAP Certified Cloud and hosting services as well as compliance with international security standards and the POPI Act provide further ease of mind to our Business Partners.

    Find out more about why Vodacom is your trusted advisor and partner of choice when it comes to Managed Cloud Services such as SAP platforms by attending the Mastering SAP Technologies Conference