Financial Services
    23 July 2021


    Medical assistance for Vodacom customers

    Now Vodacom customers can access 14 medical assistance services at low cost

    The cost of medical aid in South Africa can be very expensive. Many South Africans struggle to pay for medical services that they so desperately need. As part of the expanding range of its VodaSure offerings, Vodacom Financial Services is introducing a cost-effective, accessible, wide-ranging medical assistance product called VodaSure | Health. This solution costs less than R30 per month and the online and call centre application process takes only 10 minutes.

    VodaSure | Health opens the door for millions of South Africans to enjoy low-cost access to a wide range of medical assistance services and related benefits.

    VodaSure already offers device insurance, legal assistance, life and funeral cover. Medical insurance through VodaSure | Health adds an important new dimension to the lives of South Africans and their families previously unable to access health insurance.

    The range of medical services available through VodaSure Health include:

    • A 24-hour telemedicine consultation with medical practitioners and other experts across a range of disciplines.
    • Up to 20% off visits to general practitioners within the VodaSure Health network and 10% off dentist and optometrist visits.
    • A unique USSD medical panic button: one press and VodaSure Health will know details of the member’s location and identity for emergency assistance.
    • Referrals to the closest medical facilities, doctors and specialists in the member’s area.
    • Payment for a private ambulance to get the member to the hospital
    • Advice for members on and affected by drugs
    • One-on-one counselling with a qualified professional
    • Advice for members with chronic illnesses and other conditions

    The primary service offered is the all-encompassing helpline, where our highly trained medical team will guide members through an emergency while help is on the way.  Although we cannot diagnose on the phone, our team will answer regular health-related questions such as fever, blurred vision, insomnia, headaches and migraines, gastrointestinal problems and treatment of abrasions and wounds.

    The programme’s unique one-on-one counselling and advice line cover a range of other potential problem areas, such as trauma and bereavement, counselling services and much more.

    VodaSure | Health solutions are affordable, convenient and open to any Vodacom contract customer. Vodacom Financial Services is committed to greatly increasing the number of South Africans that are able to access essential services such as legal assistance, life and funeral cover and now medical assistance, all at a low cost and easily accessible online.