Financial Services
    19 November 2021


    Meet some of the Women of VodaPay

    Vodacom Financial Services is passionate about female entrepreneurs

    Female entrepreneurs boost our economy, create jobs for other women and also inspire other women to start their own companies. One way of showing support, is affording these business owners an opportunity to build mini programs on VodaPay, exposing their products and services to millions of users on the app!

    We profiled some of the extraordinary female entrepreneurs on VodaPay to understand what it means for their companies to be on SA’s newest super app and the lessons they have learnt in this cutthroat industry. 

    To Be Gift Boxes – Live with no regrets

    To kickstart the conversation, we had a quick chat with founders of To Be Gift Boxes, Leandie and Michelle du Randt. To Be Gift Boxes, which creates and sells beautiful gifts boxes online, was founded in 2018 and is made up of a team of five women.


    What's the biggest lesson you've learnt from 'failure'?

    “That you actually never fail, you only learn. And more often than not, it is better to take the risk to find out whether it was the right decision or not. Rather have learnt it wasn’t the right decision for your business than sit with a missed opportunity and regret afterwards.”

    How has joining VodaPay helped your business?

    “To be associated with other amazing brands and to get great exposure. Also being ‘forced’ to streamline your business from an app and mobile point of view when developing your website.” 

    BabyYumYum.co.za – Take that leap of faith

    Next, we spoke to owners of BabyYumYum.coza, another business led by two women. Amanda Rogaly founded the business in 2016. She works closely with Sisi Kuzwayo, the company’s Strategic Partner Director to afford parents a multi-dimensional platform to empower, support and embrace their parenting journey.

    baby yum yum

    What was your biggest challenge getting your small business off the ground and how did you overcome it?

    “Getting brands to take the leap of faith and invest big advertising spend with us, when our audience was still small. I overcame this by accelerating our growth model by pushing the envelope with dynamic engagement and alternative marketing to grow.”

    Can you explain how joining VodaPay has boosted your business?

    “VodaPay has given us the distribution platform to expose a portion of our business to a wider audience and put our name in lights. Together with Vodacom Financial Services, we were able to appear in a television advert, which was a very exciting milestone for us.”

    Xciter Sports – Don’t reinvent the wheel

    We wrapped up the conversation with the Chief Executive Officer of Xciter Sports, Gloria van Graan. Xciter Sports sells premium running, cycling and triathlon sports apparel.

    gloria van graan

    How has joining VodaPay helped your business?

    “It gives small business a platform of inclusivity, so whether you are big or small, old or new, your business has the same opportunities to grow. It gives great visibility and adds credibility. I am very positive that my business is going to see huge benefits.”

    What’s the biggest myth about entrepreneurship and why?

    “Your idea for your business has to be unique or new. This is not true… One can take an existing concept and make it their own.”

    Are you a merchant looking to join VodaPay? Simply click here to fill in the application form. We will then connect you with our skilled developers to help you build a mini program that suits your business. Once you are happy with the functionality of your mini program, millions of VodaPay users will be able to access it