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    03 October 2019

    Drew Hook

    Meet the Alpha 1 Pro Robot

    The Alpha 1 Pro is your new partner for entertainment and education

    Have you ever wondered who or what holds the Guinness World Record for the most robots dancing simultaneously? You probably haven’t, but if you did happen to google it you’ll see a 540 strong army of Alpha 1 Pro robots all dancing together in union. Check it out here.

    This dancing robot is called the Alpha 1 Pro. As a popular humanoid robot both at home and abroad, Alpha has already become a well-known star. It made its debut on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, and performed on the BBC stage. Alpha 1 Pro also performed with the Manchester City FC, and made an appearance in the Transformers 5 movie. At the IFA 2016 show, it won the Most Eye-catching Product technology award.

    I, Robot

    There’s a lot more to the Alpha 1 Pro then synchronised dancing though. Not only can this little robot break out moves on the dance floor, but it can also join you in the gym, take you on in the boxing ring, or chill out on a yoga mat. In the robot world, Alpha 1 Pro has a black belt in movement. Whether it's doing push-ups or headstands, or practising yoga in the living room Alpha 1 Pro is hard to beat. It can also turn into a soccer player and kung fu master.

    He measures 40cm tall and weighs in at 1.65kg. As with most bipedal robots with a similar range of movement, he’s all floppy when he’s turned off and the servos are powered down so don’t expect to be able to stand him up for display in his downtime.

    Learn to code with Alpha

    What makes Alpha 1 a great companion for your child is that they can learn and code while playing with him. For beginners, Alpha 1 Pro offers a game that introduces various types of programming knowledge at each level. Users can master programming step-by-step in the context of a fun game. Alpha 1 Pro can also be programmed with Blockly coding. By dragging the existing code module in the app and adjusting the parameters to program the robot's actions, you can easily make the robot dance or perform unique martial arts. You can record actions in three easy steps: 

    • First, make the robot stick out his left hand and record this action.
    • Then, swing the left hand to the front and record this action.
    • Finally, save the action then click play. You've just created a left hook action.

    If Alpha looks like the perfect gift for your child (or yourself), then make sure to stop by Vodacom World for a hands-on demo.

    Drew Hook