Contract Benefits
    02 March 2018


    More reasons to be with Red

    Discover the exclusive service and rewards waiting for you as a valued Red client.

    Discover the exclusive benefits, service and rewards waiting for you as a valued Red client.

    If you want the best service, value and the latest devices, then Vodacom Red is for you. When you are a Red client, our service goes well beyond ensuring you have access to the best 4G network  - you're also eligible to a number of exclusive benefits. 

    RED deals

    Being a Red client means enjoying the latest technology at the best deals. Go to Vodacom's Shopping page, choose your device and select your Red plan to see how much you can save by being with Red. 

    Premium Service Desk

    If you have any problems or questions, simply call the Red Premium Service Desk by dialing 135 from your Vodacom cellphone. Your number is immediately identified as a Red client and you are given priority; meaning reduced waiting time for your call to be answered. The Red Premium Service Desk is available 24/7. 

    50% off Emirates Flights

    Don't put off your dream holiday any longer. Being with Red entitles you to up to 50% discount off the base fare of your Emirates ticket - and what's more, your companion's fare is discounted too. Read all about it here

    Money-can't-buy experiences 

    As a Red client, you have the chance to join us for incredible, exclusive, money-can't-buy experiences. Whether it's presenting the Man of the Match award to your rugby hero at a Vodacom Super Rugby match, or perhaps spending the day with the Vodacom Bulls at Loftus, your Red status is the ticket to a world of opportunities. Read more here, and register for the chance to attend the events of your choice here

    Priority Queuing

    In selected Vodacom stores, as a Red client, you'll go straight to the front of the queue. This means less time waiting for a consultant to attend to you, and faster service for you. 

    Like for like cellphone loans

    Sometimes, things will go wrong with your phone. Luckily, Vodacom is here to help. If you bring your phone in for repairs, we'll give you a loan phone to keep you connected. If you're a Red client, you can expect a cellphone with the same operating system as your own phone - so if you bring in an Android phone, we'll give you an Android loan phone. This makes the transition as seamless as possible.