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    01 April 2019


    Mother's Day tech gift guide

    Looking for the perfect gift this Mother’s Day? Look no further than our tech gift guide to ensure you and your mom are always connected.

    Whether your mom is the ultimate techie or sees a phone as simply a means to an end, this guide will help you find the perfect gift for her.

    For the tech-savvy mom

    Mom no longer has to sacrifice style for practicality with today’s smartwatch options. Take the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, for example. Available in rose gold, black or silver, you’d never guess these wristwatches do a whole lot more than just tell the time. You can stream music, track your heart rate and activity levels, monitor your sleep, plan your day with the digital assistant, and much more. And with a battery life that can extend to more than 45 hours, mom will always be connected. If the fitness tracker features are especially appealing, you also can’t go wrong with a Fitbit, and the Fitbit Versa is a particularly good option. Click here to find out more about the Fitbit Versa and other fitness wearables.

    For the tech-shy mom

    If your mother isn’t ready to join an online Scrabble league or switch to Netflix, ease her into the digital world with a Chromebook. These laptops operate on the Chrome OS and use mainly online apps and storage, so they have a long battery life and are very light. A Chromebook is fast and easy to navigate – if she’s familiar with Google, she’ll be able to use one of these. She can do all the basics with this device: send emails, browse the web and maintain her to-do lists.

    For the tech-resistant mom

    Even moms who shun technology have to admit smartphones provide an invaluable service. Now they can keep in touch with you 24/7, after all. A great option to bridge the divide between pure functionality and just a touch of pizzazz is the Samsung S10e. The baby of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Series, the S10e nevertheless offers two cameras – mom will soon realise the joys of instantly being able to capture those special family moments. And if she’s feeling a bit more daring, she can opt for the new canary yellow colour option. For more on the Samsung S10 series, click here.

    Samsung Galaxy S10