08 November 2016


    New LG devices: review

    The LG V20 and the LG Stylus 2 are two of the latest phablet releases from LG - both of which you can buy on a great-value Vodacom Summer Deal. Here's why we love them.

    There are some fab freebies coming your way when you purchase either the high-end LG V20 or the more affordable LG Stylus 2 through Vodacom, thanks to our sizzling Summer Deals.

    LG V20 smartphone

    LG has long been known for delivering sleek, beautiful smartphones with impressive specs. The LG V20 is the next generation in this lineage. 

    LG has long been known for delivering sleek, beautiful smartphones with impressive specs.

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    The LG 360 Cam can capture 360° and 180° images with one click, with its dual 13 MP wide-angle cameras. It has 2K video recording and 16 MP spherical image support, as well as 5.1-channel surround-sound recording. This makes it one of the most sophisticated video cameras on the market and means you can keep your holiday memories in top-class video form forever.

    But what about the V20? Here are some of its most covetable features:

    LG Stylus 2

    • Audio recorder: With three high AOP microphones, LG has made the V20 the phone for anyone who records voice or music as part of their hobby (hardcore groupies) or their job (journalists). Even the softest voice memos and the loudest rock concerts record without any distortion, thanks to the V20's Audio Recorder app, which delivers high-res 24-bit audio quality. The playback is such high quality that some critics are likening it to a 3D immersive experience. 
    • Camera: Armed with two rear camera lenses, the V20 performs well in low-light conditions, thanks to the 16 MP camera with an aperture of f/1.8. Plus, the 8MP camera has a super-wide-angle lens (135 degrees!), so you can take some amazing shots of your holiday destination; and the selfie cam boasts a 120-degree lens. Hybrid Auto Focus delivers optimal picture sharpness while Auto Shot's face detection feature triggers the shutter for automatic selfies. This video goes into more detail on the camera, showing us three surprising features.
    • Android Nougat: The V20 is the world’s first smartphone to offer Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box and it is also the first to include Google’s In Apps search feature. Some of the boons of Nougat include split-screen multitasking, better Doze battery management, new emojis, and heightened security.
    • Robust design: The V20 is highly durable. Its lightweight yet strong AL6013 aluminium alloy contributes to its durability, as does the top and bottom contact points being reinforced with Silicone Polycarbonate (Si-PC). This make it military compliant, in a nutshell - it stands the toughest Drop Test out there.

    In short, the LG V20 is a feature-rich phablet with cutting-edge audio and visual capabilities, and if you're on the lookout for a top-class, high-end, big and beautiful smartphone, it's an obvious choice. 


    LG Stylus 2

    The Stylus 2 is LG's mid-range solution for those of us who love the functionality of a phone with a stylus/'smartphone pen' - because it allows us to jot down notes and doodle on our phone screen - but who can't justify the expense of some of LG's rivals' stylus smartphones.

    Here's why we think the Stylus 2 rocks:


    • The stylus itself: It's easier to use and more accurate than its predecessors, perhaps because of the new nib, which is now nano-coated instead of being made of rubber; it fits neatly into a slot in the body of the phone called the stylus port; it's basically impossible to lose, because the phone will alert you when you move around with it when its stylus port is empty; and when you slide it out the port, the phone will immediately open Pop Menu and Pop Scanner, so you can start using the stylus pretty much straight away.
    • Button placement: We love the fact that LG has brought back the rear-mounted buttons on this phablet. They're an interesting design feature and once you're used to them, you'll never want to go back to traditional side-mounted buttons. They're also fairly flat, so they don't affect the way the phone fits in your hand too much.
    • Slim design: Despite the fact that the Stylus 2 has a really big screen (5.7 inches) and qualifies as a phablet, it doesn't feel like a massive, unwieldy device in hand. It's pretty slim (only 7.4mm thick) and incredibly light, weighing only 145 grams, so you get the advantages of a phone with a big display without any of the clumsiness that often comes with bigger phones.

    Aside from these notable features, the LG Stylus 2 is right up there with any other brand-new, mid-range phone on the market today - it's got a decent camera (13MP front, 8MP selfie); runs on Android Marshmallow; offers 16GB internal storage plus an SD slot so you can boost the memory; and a respectable 3 000mAh battery.


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