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Use podcasts packed with on-trend insights, limitless information and intellectual stimulation to shift your perspectives.


African Tech Roundup has a vast selection of soundbites about African digital insights and analysis. Many of these are hosted by Zimbabwean broadcaster and entrepreneur Andile Masuku, who previously produced podcasts under the title of African Tech Conversations. These feature interviews with some of the continent’s most fascinating innovators. Andile’s voice is deep, his questions are direct and his guest selection is outstanding. Both collections are well worth a listen if you’re looking to expand your knowledge of Africa’s tech scene.


Listen to African Tech Conversations


Stuff You Should Know is full of, well, stuff you should know. This podcast has daily episodes with trivia to inspire you. Presenters Josh and Chuck, along with the occasional guest expert, chat like old friends while breaking down some of the world’s most complex ideas, history and how stuff works (the title of the parent podcast). From fractals to Cockney rhyming slang, they’ve done the research and are able to simply explain things you’ve never heard of or are only vaguely familiar with.


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Because creativity and imagination are primarily a psychological experience, listening to what neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris has to say is essential. His Making Sense podcast is focused on meditation and mindfulness, but also facilitates the understanding of these practices, the world around us and how one’s own brain works. 


Listen to Making Sense with Sam Harris

If you’re new to podcasts, download Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts to explore a whole new world of creative expression. And if you need some inspiration to reach your New Year's resolutions, check out the first article in our creativity series. Next week, we'll take a closer look at meditation and visualisation.

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