Financial Services
    14 September 2020


    Raise Money-Savvy Kids

    Worried they’ll always think money grows on trees? Teach your child about saving with these age-appropriate online tools.

    The concept of money can be very abstract to a young child. These online tools listed below are a great way to get them enaging with the concept of saving and the idea of being money savvy. 


    With Twinkl's fantastic range of South African teaching resources you can download a raft of worksheets and craft activities that help demystify the concept of money while improving your child’s maths skills. Designed by teachers for quality and accuracy, these resources are varied, so you’re sure to find something for your little one. You’ll have fun working on the content together – and who knows, you might even learn something yourself!

    Cost: Free

    Money Savvy Kids (MSK)

    The app is billed as the beginning of the end of financial mismanagement and misunderstanding. This financial curriculum ranges from grade 0 to grade 7 and combines real-world education with easy-to-understand modules to further enhance your child’s learning. MSK is intended to teach your child the skills, knowledge attitudes and behaviours required to be financially independent.  It’s designed to help young children improve the problem-solving and critical thinking skills they need to make financial decisions now and in the future, using the analytical skills they learn through the programme.

    Cost: R750 for a six-week programme.

    Teaching Resource

    A series of Teaching Resource worksheets complement a Youtube video and introduce the concepts of  coins and notes to youngsters. The resources include pictures to make the video more interactive and can be used for interactive games too. By adding up the different products, kids will learn how to do money sums. They’ll also learn the concept of saving and respect for other people’s property as well as their own.

    Cost: R29


    Although a piggybank is useful for kids to see the physical money they have, Bankaroo provides an engaging, visual platform to help them understand the value of ‘invisible money’. This is an educational virtual bank for kids that teaches them about money, budgeting, setting goals, saving up, and being accountable for their decisions. Aimed at five- to 14-year-olds, Bankaroo lets kids check their account balance and see upcoming and past transactions. It’s designed to help children manage their funds – with some assistance from you.

    Cost: Free, just log in to Bankaroo from any browser while online

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