Contract Benefits
    14 September 2016


    RED carpet treatment

    With Vodacom RED you get so much more, including premium support, replacement phones and data-sharing SIMs.

    Are you making full use of the amazing benefits of being a RED customer? You get access to great deals and exclusive rewards, and there are some excellent perks to help keep you connected.

    Multi Data SIMs

    Only as a RED customer, you'll get two extra data SIMs with which you can share data across your laptops, phones, tablets and routers. All of your charges show up on one bill, and you don't have to worry about connecting all of your devices.

    In your first two months as a RED customer, you also get double your data. This is great for setting up a new device, updating software and downloading all the apps you need.

    Premium service

    As a RED customer, you are our number one priority when you call the service desk on 082 111 for assistance. We won't keep you on hold: we'll be at your service as soon as possible. You'll be ready to take on your day in no time.

    At selected Vodacom shops* you can also cut your waiting times and avoid long queues. The customer service team in the store will ask if you're on a RED plan, and then direct you to the premium queue at these stores.

    RED rewards

    We know you want to get the most out of every day. That's why you're on a RED plan, after all! We've partnered with a range of brands to reward you even more. Choose from travel deals, sports equipment and other special offers, and check in every month to see more ways to benefit.

    My Vodacom App 

    You can use the My Vodacom app to contact the RED Premium Service Desk - simply click to call us or click to chat online - at any time, at no charge. You can also manage your local and international spending on the My Vodacom app at no cost to you.

    Download the app for iOS or Android.