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    01 May 2020

    Megan Ellis

    Review: LG G8X ThinQ

    We take a look at the LG G8X ThinQ, a capable smartphone with a unique selling point: a detachable second screen.

    While the foldable smartphone market has taken off, LG’s G8X ThinQ takes a different spin on the trend with a detachable second screen. But does this screen setup work in its favour? We spent some time with the phone and found out.

    LG G8X ThinQ specifications and features

    The LG G8X Thin Q comes with a 6.4-inch Full HD display, 6GB of RAM, and a 4000mAh battery. The camera setup includes a rear main camera with 12MP standard and 13MP wide-angle lenses, as well as a 32MP front-facing selfie camera. Other features include an in-display fingerprint sensor under the screen, 4K video timelapse recording, ASMR recording, and wireless charging functionality.

    By itself, the LG G8X ThinQ is an impressive device, featuring great battery life, an attractive design, and considerable performance. However, the dual-screen attachment adds a unique spin to the device that its competitors don’t have.

    Considering you wouldn’t always have the dual-screen case plugged in, it’s a good thing that the G8X ThinQ is an impressive standalone device as well. This means that the dual-screen adds extra value to an already appealing device. While the attachment case adds bulk, LG has implemented the detachable second screen concept in an intuitive way. When closed, the case’s front has an always-on display that lets you check the time and notifications.

    When opened, you can choose whether or not to have the second screen turned on or simply use the case as a phone holder. The phone slots in and out of the case easily, plugging into a USB Type-C adaptor.

    What does the dual-screen do?

    But why would you want the second screen? Foldable phones are a new interesting development in the smartphone world, but their prices lock most people out of this market. The LG G8X ThinQ offers a more affordable solution for those who want the perks of using two screens at once. But because of the bezel in the middle, it’s not ideal for trying to turn two screens into one tablet-like screen.

    However, there are a few other useful features that the second screen provides.

    Since each screen can work independently of the other, it’s great for multitasking -- such as chatting on WhatsApp on one screen and watching a YouTube video on the other. In terms of productivity, you can have two different apps open on each screen if you’re comparing information or content.

    When you’re relaxing and watching videos, switching the second screen off and folding it back allows you to use the case as a hands-free holder.

    However, one of our favourite features is the ability to turn the second screen into a game controller. This gives you one screen dedicated to game visuals and another screen for game input. LG’s game controller software has presets included, such as controllers for shooter games. However, you can also make your own custom controllers for games with specific mechanics not covered by the other controllers.

    The entire second screen can also be turned into a keyboard if you want more space to type - essentially turning the device into a mini laptop. Finally, for those foodie snaps where you have to hold your phone above the subject, the second screen can mirror the camera app so you can better preview the image


    The versatility of the LG G8X ThinQ, along with its impressive hardware and competitive price, make it an appealing device. The smartphone alone is an attractive option as a quality mid-range device, but the Dual Screen attachment adds an extra unique and useful twist to an already good device.

    The LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen smartphone is available for purchase from Vodacom


    Megan Ellis