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    20 April 2017


    Review: LG Stylus 3

    The third generation LG Stylus phone is here, and it's a super-sized device of note.

    The third generation LG Stylus phone is here, and it's a super-sized device of note.

    It's obvious what the USP of LG's latest mid-range device is - it's right there in the name. If you've been after a new phone that lets you doodle and take notes on the screen, or are looking for an affordable big-screen phone, the LG Stylus 3 might be the one you've been waiting for.

    While phones with styluses have always appealed to a niche audience, we think there's plenty more to love about it. Here are our top 5 features of the LG Stylus 3.

    1. Super stylus

    Those of you who love the novelty of being able to write on your smartphone screen will be impressed with the new, improved stylus on the Stylus 3. It's got a narrower, more sensitive tip, which makes it feel like using a real pen. It also lets you write with a fountain-pen effect, and it detects the angle you're holding the stylus at to produce realistic handwriting on screen.

    The stylus fits neatly into the body of the phone from the top right corner, and the phone can detect when you've taken the stylus out of its slot - as soon as you do, you'll see a pen icon on screen that you can tap, and then you get taken to drawing and note-taking apps immediately, so you can use the pen pretty much instantly.

    You can even take notes on the Stylus when the screen is off, which we think is a great, convenient, cutting-edge feature.

    2. Super-size

    With a 5.7-inch display (the screen, at 720p, is bright and crisp), this is a big phone. All the better for taking notes and doodling, we say! And even though its plastic body is large, it's not unwieldy. Instead, it feels pleasingly solid. 

    3. Fingerprint scanner

    One of the features that impressed us most with the Stylus 3 was the fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone - it's an unusual addition on a mid-range device like this one. It sits below the camera, and prevents anyone other than you from unlocking your phone. You can also use the scanner as a shortcut power/lock button.

    4. Selfie camera with flash

    With a good 13MP rear-facing camera, the Stylus 3 doesn't leave you wanting when it comes to photos. But we especially love the fact that the 8MP front-facing selfie camera has its own flash - so you can snap as many selfies as you like in dim or dark conditions with illuminated results.

    5. Removable battery

    Since many phones these days are water-resistant, the removable battery feature has been done away with by many manufacturers. Handy for accidental swimming, but not so handy when your battery is dead, or getting older. So we're pleased to see that the 3200mAh battery on the Stylus 3 can be removed, and replaced with a fully charged battery when you're on the go.

    There's 16GB of onboard memory, which may not be enough for all your pics and videos - but it's expandable to a whopping 2TB via the SD card slot - we challenge you to fill that memory bank! 

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