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3rd Jul 19

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Review: Samsung Galaxy Fit Watch

3rd Jul 19

By Vodacom 1598 Followers

The Samsung Galaxy Fit is everything you'll need if being fit and healthy is on your to-do list this year. 

It is a sleek and lightweight fitness tracker and features a healthy dose of smartwatch capability, such as the option to store and stream music, built-in GPS, and water resistance. The Samsung Galaxy Fit is especially useful when scrolling through the wearable’s daily metrics of steps counted, calories burned, flights of stairs climbed, and the host of typical fitness data. It even offers up a Google Maps-type map after logging a run or bike ride via its built-in GPS, displaying the exact route taken. When listening to music either stored directly on the watch or via Spotify, the interface is easy to navigate, even while on the move. In addition to its subtle nudging feature, the Samsung Galaxy Fit also offers accurate auto-tracking of a wide range of activities. Stylish and lightweight, it's the perfect accessory. Here's why the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy Fit is a must-have.

Superior display

It has a full-colour AMOLED Display, so you can see your fitness stats quickly and easily in high-resolution.

Long battery life

With the new Samsung Galaxy Fit, you could take a short jog around the block or, if you feel like you really need to work off that extra slice of chocolate cake, you could track your stats for a few hours.

Water resistant

It has a water resistance of 5ATM, so you can exercise anywhere, at any time. Come rain or shine – there's no excuse not to lace up and get out there!

Health tracker

The device tracks your heart rate and will instantly alert you if your heart rate rises above a preset level. It also analyses your sleep patterns and stress levels. If it detects that you are particularly stressed, the Galaxy Fit will suggest guided breathing exercises.

No excuse for boredom

It is also able to track up to six activities automatically and you can increase that to 10 by selecting other preferred activities from the Samsung Health mobile app.

If you're serious about getting into shape with the Samsung Galaxy Fit, then take a look at our list of the best workout apps to try in 2019.

You can purchase it at Vodacom World in Midrand. 

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