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Vodacom Now!

Vodacom continues to ramp up its Smart 8 series with the 5.5-inch V8 – a phone for all seasons.

Whether you're a keen business person, or an avid video watcher or gamer, 5.5-inch screens are today considered a lifestyle choice. Here are five reasons why Vodacom's brand-new Smart V8 should be your next best friend.

Screen size

The V8’s 5.5-inch screen is upgraded from Corning’s previous-generation Gorilla (used in many flagship devices) to Dragontrail, the largest glass company in the world. Needless to say, you’re getting a 401 pixels-per-inch Full-HD technology, allowing those colours to pop and the screen to be viewed from oblique angles.  

That means this device is small enough to fit in your pocket, but large enough to let you see the terror in the eyes of the next character to die in Game of Thrones in the back seat of your Uber.

Fingerprint unlocking

A round recess just under the camera allows for convenient – and unexpectedly discreet – fingerprint unlocking. No ostentatious placing of fingers on the front of the phone; simply flip it over in one hand and – hey presto! Like magic.

Hot shot

The V8’s 16 MP offering (on the front; 8 MP back) brings this phone’s camera in line with the top-of-the-range of the other big brands out there. But it’s the V8s plethora of filters and manual photo settings adjustments that really raise it above its competitors, and allow you to get your exposures just right. This is aided by the dual-tone LED flash and HDR, which amalgamates several exposures into one perfect shot.

It’s here that your value for money really kicks in.

Bells and whistles

Although the V8 runs on Android’s Nougat operating system, there are some clever nips and additions that make this user experience that much better. Shortcuts to some functionality – notably to voice commands, but also the calculator and flashlight – on the lock screen are useful, and you can engage an ultra power-saving mode to stretch your 3000mAh battery to impressive lengths.

Great value

One thing you can be sure of with technology is that it is always either getting better or it is costing less. Of all the great things that you can say about the V8, perhaps the most impressive is that it is doing both. You’re getting the top of the range 8-series, with features that match up impressively with its peers, at a price that will really set it apart from its competitors. 

Get the Vodacom Smart V8

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