Device reviews
    25 September 2016


    ‘S’ is for smoking hot

    If you’re looking for the ultimate tablet, you’ll be hard-pressed to top Samsung’s new S series, writes STACEY VEE.

    It’s hard to fault the Samsung Galaxy Tab – it really is. In what is largely seen as Samsung’s answer to the iPad Air, the Tab S – which comes in a 10.5-inch version and a smaller 8.4-inch size – is near perfection in every category you should care about in a tablet.

    Starting with the display, Samsung has long been streaks ahead with its Super AMOLED display. It is magnificent. 

    The Tab S range is also incredibly slim. At just 6.6mm thick, it is both thinner and lighter than the iPad Air, but not as thin as Sony’s latest Xperia Z, which is just a shave skinnier at 6.5mm. 

    My biggest gripe with tablets is usually battery life, but Samsung has somehow managed to squirrel an enormous 7 900mAH battery in there – which should last you a good 12 hours of gameplay, watching videos and social networking.

    It also comes with some of the technology you love in the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, like the fingerprint scanner, as well as Samsung’s new Magazine UX interface, which some users say they aren’t fond of – but I think it’s a step in the right direction for smartphone interfaces. 

    Like the Galaxy 5S smartphone, the Tab S is also available in white and that sexy bronze colour.

    My advice is: consider buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4-inch version and save the extra bucks for more data. The 10.5-inch version has loads of real estate in terms of screen size, but you really don’t need it all.