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Samsung recently announced its new range of flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S10 series, and, as with every major device launch of the last few years, have announced three different versions of the same model: the S10, S10 Plus and S10E. (There's also a 5G version coming out this year, but more on that later.)

All three smartphones are built with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and come with a base storage of 128GB and expandable microSD storage. Each phone comes with a dynamic AMOLED screen with reduced blue light and HDR10+ wide colour gamut, is IP68 water resistant and is compatible with new, faster Wi-Fi 6. Samsung has introduced a new wireless power share feature on all phones, meaning you can charge other devices by simply resting them on the S10's back. 

Apart from the obvious size (and price) difference, it can be difficult to distinguish each device at face value. Why should you get an S10 over an S10E? Is the S10 Plus really the best of the bunch, or is it just a case of size over features? 

To make it a little easier, we have put together a quick quiz to help you decide which phone may be best for you. Take a look below to find out.

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