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Education rights are contained in section 29 of the South African Constitution, which guarantees the right to basic education for both children and adults, accessible through the state.

Commissioned by local artist and Design Indaba Emerging Creative Neo Mahlangu, the idea behind her design was to embody the concept of innocence and evoke a sense of nostalgia for South African children and adults alike.

A graduation cap, a book and a lettered and numbered cube are symbols on the coin that represent The Right to Education. Neo’s concept behind this was to create a coin that was relevant to education for our youth as well as adults.

The coin is designed to inspire nurturing and protection for our children. ‘Due to its potent influence on this nation, I wanted to create a design that could resonate with a mature adult pursuing studies as well as a child in a preschool in equal measure,’ she explains. ‘Education is such an empowering right that if used to its fullest capacity can have the possibility to unlock incredible opportunity.’

South African Mint Managing Director Tumi Tsehlo explained while announcing the coin: ‘Education is a fundamental human right which is essential to the understanding and exercise of all other rights guaranteed by our constitution. It promotes freedom and enables empowerment.’

Keep your eyes peeled for this new commemorative coin, currently in circulation across the country.

Did you know Vodacom strongly supports the right to education? Watch these videos to see what Vodacom has done to improve access to quality education for all South Africans.


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