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    30 June 2020

    Megan Ellis

    Safe YouTubers for kids

    Parents want peace of mind that their kids are engaging with safe, child-friendly content. Here are YouTubers that tick all these boxes.

    While many parents are wary of their children using the internet, the web can be a great place for entertainment and education. This is also true for YouTube. 

    But with so much content that isn’t appropriate for children, how do you find channels which are safe for them? 

    Here are some of the platform’s most popular channels and YouTubers that are safe for children to watch and enjoy... 

    Ryan Kaji - Ryan's World 

    Ryan’s World is a YouTube channel featuring Ryan Kaji, his parents, and siblings. The eight-year-old is one of the platform’s most successful YouTubers. 

    The channel features toy reviews, edutainment videos, and family activities. 

    SciShow Kids 

    The SciShow channels on YouTube explore different topics to simplify and explain them to viewers. The good news is that the group of channels has one dedicated to child-friendly content - SciShow Kids. 

    The channel is great for older children, around 10 years old. The topics covered by the channel include answering general questions curious children might have (such as where yoghurt comes from), as well as biology, geography, and science. 

    National Geographic Kids 

    Individual YouTubers aren’t the only ones creating content for children on YouTube. National Geographic Kids, for example, has professional content from the National Geographic Society. 

    The channel is focused on teaching kids about the natural world with short videos, including fast fact videos, feature videos on animals, and DIY videos. 


    EthanGamer is a gaming channel for children, hosted by a child. Ethan does Let’s Play videos that are friendly for viewers under 13 years old. This includes games like Plants vs Zombies, Roblox, and Mincecraft. 

    Even though Ethan is now 13 years old, he makes sure that all content on this channel is suitable for those under that age -- rather creating a separate channel for games that include content that isn’t child-friendly. 

    This main channel remains dedicated to child-friendly games and playthroughs. 

    Maddie Moate 

    Maddie Moate is an “EduTuber” that creates family-friendly educational videos on YouTube. Her videos focus on science and biology, as well as DIY craft projects. 

    The benefits of Moate’s channel is that she regularly uploads content and long videos. The show is reminiscent of some of the conversational, edutainment kids shows you find on TV. 

    If you’re looking for a child-friendly vlogger, Maddie Moate’s channel is a great option. 

    Netflix Jr. 

    If you’re looking for a variety channel that includes edutainment but also children’s songs and cartoons, you can try Netflix Jr. 

    The channel includes child-friendly content from the Netflix streaming platform, such as StoryBots explainers. It also includes a few educational songs that children can sing along to. 

    Use YouTube Kids for video safety 

    If you’re looking for more child-friendly content on YouTube, we recommend using YouTube Kids. 

    The app filters out content that isn’t family-friendly and allows you to create profiles for each child. You can find out more about the app in our guide on how to keep kids safe on YouTube.

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    Megan Ellis