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    19 June 2020

    Drew Hook

    The best apps for musicians

    The wide-reaching usefulness of the Internet have recently altered the musical landscape, with hundreds of available apps designed to help people learn and create music.

    Smartphones, tablets and the wide-reaching usefulness of the Internet have recently altered the musical landscape, with literally thousands of available apps designed to help people learn, create and fine-tune their music. Any established musicians or aspiring muso's might find these apps really handy:

    General music apps

    gStrings Tuner

    gStrings Tuner started out as a guitar tuner app. It now works for virtually everything. That includes woodwinds, stringed instruments, and even your own voice. It also supports a variety of frequencies. A simple UI rounds out the experience. This is a good app for practically any musician. You can tune virtually anything with it. You can get it for free as long as you don’t mind advertising. It’s definitely one of the best musician apps.

    Available for Android 

    Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

    Hi-Q is a competent voice recorder app. It does the basics like record your voice and that’s really all it needs to do. However, there are some extra features here as well. It includes 44kHz audio sampling, MP3 recordings, and support for WAV, OGG, M4A, and even FLAC formats. There are also gain controls. This should work great for musicians who want to record new ideas or songs that they are working on. Most voice recorder apps will do that. However, this one just adds that little extra and we liked that. 

    Available for Android 

    Perfect Ear

    Perfect Ear is one of the better musician apps for aural skills. It teaches how to learn sounds by ear. The app can also do rhythms. Some of the other features include customisable exercises, customisable scales, music theory articles, and more. It may not get you to professional levels. However, ear training is valuable for most musicians. The app is free to download. You can purchase additional stuff as in-app purchases.

    Available for iOS

    Songwriting and recording apps

    Songwriter’s Pad

    This simple app provides a lot more than just a space to write down song and lyric ideas. It helps you develop these ideas with several helpful little tools, like the 'Mood' button that generates new phrases to help with the writer’s block.

    Available for Android and iOS

    Hokusai Audio Editor

    This audio editing app allows you to edit numerous tracks side-by-side, mix them, and export them to an app of your choice. It’s great for recording and organising song ideas for further development.

    Available for iOS

    The Metronome by Soundbrenner

    This app is without a doubt the best metronome app in the music industry. It’s simple interface lets you get the band in tune with each other throughout rehearsals and performances with ease.

    Available for Android and iOS

    Mobile music production apps


    GarageBand transforms your iPhone or iPad into a portable recording studio and features a host of useful tools and features for producing music. The app allows sound recording straight from your phone and comes with hundreds of instruments to play around with.

    Available for iOS

    FL Studio Mobile

    FL Studio Mobile is the portable version of (you’ve guessed it) FL Studio. It lets you bring some (but certainly not all) of FL’s functionality on the road at little-to-no cost — and then transfer your work seamlessly to the desktop app. 

    Available for Android 

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    Drew Hook