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    27 September 2019

    Megan Ellis

    The best educational gaming apps for kids

    Get the most out of your child’s screen time by providing entertaining options that will also increase their brainpower.

    This list of apps offers a variety of interesting, fun and educational games for children of all ages. Get the most out of their screen time by providing entertaining options that will also increase their brainpower.

    Bedtime Math 

    Age: 3+

    Bedtime Math is a free app that incorporates easy and fun math into your family’s daily routine. The app adjusts the concept of basic mathematics into the style of a bedtime story. This forms a bond between the child and caregiver while creating a feeling of security and comfort. Every exercise is centred around a story-style narrative that incorporates story sums and puzzles.

    Available for iOS and Android.

    Dragon Box Numbers

    Age: 4 – 9

    Children take characters called Nooms through a variety of adventures while becoming familiar with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children take care of their Nooms by feeding, slicing and sorting them, which introduces the concepts of fractions and ranges. The game helps to display theoretical math concepts in a simple and concrete way.

    Available for iOS and Android.


    Age: 4+

    Start them young with these informative coding apps. You don’t need a coding background and they are a simple and clear-cut introduction to the world of developing. The puzzle challenges are easy to navigate and progress in skill as you level up. There is a minimal amount of reading involved so your child may need assistance in the beginning.

    Available for iOS and Android.

    The Human Body 

    Age: 5+

    Teach your children about anatomy and how the human body works in this fun and interactive health science app. Instil a sense of wonder around the human body and its capabilities and take the discussion out of the game into everyday life using examples such as chewing and swallowing.

    Available for iOS and Android.

    Toca Nature

    Age: 4+

    This open-ended building app explores geographical terrain, allowing children to build and construct landscapes, forests, mountains and rivers. Your child has the opportunity to manipulate the environment and see how wildlife and surroundings change as a result of their choices.

    Available for iOS and Android.

    A Kid’s Diary

    Age: 7+

    A Kid’s Diary is a great tool for your child’s emotional expression. The app encourages your little one to express themselves and get creative by documenting their lives through writing, photos, audio and video. You can review your child’s work and discuss what they have recorded digitally.

    Available for iOS.


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    Megan Ellis