26 April 2021

    Celeste Jacobs

    The best global radio apps to listen to

    It’s been nearly impossible for most people to travel during the pandemic. For those of us who love music from across the world, these apps will transport you to your next destination one note at a time.

    World Amateur Radio Day is marked annually on 18 April. This year’s theme, “we’re home, but never alone”, is particularly relevant given that so many of us have been feeling isolated for more than a year.

    Since its earliest days more than a century ago, radio has bridged the gap between people and kept us connected and informed across a wide range of topics. It’s particularly exciting that amateur radio stations broaden the access to radio for people across the globe who have a passion for this medium. This also means you can potentially learn skills to get your foot in the door at an established radio station or simply enjoy running your own station on your own terms in your free time.

    Listen to international radio stations anywhere you go, using these apps available on Google Play or App Store.

    Radio Garden

    This app gives you access to 25 000-plus radio stations. Each green dot represents a city, and by tapping on it, you can view the available radio stations. The developers keep its content current and update stations regularly to ensure you’re only seeing ones that are available.

    Download for Android or iOS

    World Radio: FM World Radio, Online World Radio 

    Proudly offering the largest variety of global radio stations, World Radio is open to suggestions to keep growing its offering. Genres range from music to news, and listeners can access both AM and FM stations.

    Download for Android or iOS

    Three D Radio Player 

    Based in Adelaide, South Australia, this community radio station brings the Outback right into the palm of your hand. Its sleek interface makes it user-friendly and particularly easy to navigate.

    Download for Android or iOS

    NTS Radio: Live radio and music discovery 

    If your musical tastes are wide-ranging, you’ll like this app. Made by music lovers to fuel your love for eclectic sounds, it gives you 24/7access to 30 000 music shows ranging from hip hop to ambient sounds. Studios operate in London, Shanghai, Los Angeles and more than 50 other cities worldwide.

    Download for Android or iOS

    Radio France Internationale, live news 

    Whether you’re learning French or are fluent in the language, Radio France Internationale is a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to conversations in the language of love.

    Download for Android or iOS

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    Celeste Jacobs