Financial Services
    27 August 2021

    Biddi Rorke

    The importance of planning for the future

    Certain things are hard to think about, like funeral cover. But if you make the provision now, you’ll spare your family the financial burden later.

    Many South African families are struggling in the grip of the Covid. If you are struggling to make ends meet, it might be tempting to cancel your funeral cover. But before you do, weigh up the expense of your monthly premium against the dire financial impact the loss of your income could have on your family.

    Many of us are expected to contribute to the funeral costs of our parents, and extended family such as uncles and aunts, grandparents, and nieces and nephews you may be supporting financially. The cost of a funeral depends on the type of funeral you would like to offer your loved one – or (as difficult as it might be to think about) the type of funeral you would like for yourself. Bear in mind that in the case of the death of a family member, you might also become financially responsible for the deceased’s children and dependents.

    Family funeral cover is used to pay for your funeral or the funeral of a loved one who is part of your policy. The money your family receives on your death means they will have funds to give you a dignified burial without having to pay for this unexpected – and considerable – expense.

    While a funeral plan cannot ease the pain of your loss, it can help to make the path ahead just a little bit easier. Making financial plans to be able to afford your own funeral, or that of your loved ones, is crucial to ease financial stress during a difficult time of grief.

    Preparing for the future with VodaSure

    VodaSure offers a range of Funeral Cover policies to suit your needs – and your pocket. With all policies, you are covered immediately for death as a result of an accident. After having this cover for six months, you and your family will be covered for death from natural causes such as a heart attack or stroke.

    • VodaSure's FUNERAL COVER 4 YOU, with monthly premiums from as little as R10 a month deducted from your airtime, pays out R10 000 in the event of your death.
    • With VodaSure’s FUNERAL COVER, you can get cover for up to eight people, including ten children on one policy. This is a straightforward funeral policy, that costs only R56 a month and pays out up to R50 000 when you or any of your family members dies.
    • VodaSure’s FUNERAL COVER 4 YOU and YOUR FAMILY costs just R26 a month and pays out up to R10 000 in the event of death in your family.

    It’s easy to get as there are no blood tests, paperwork, medical exams, or brokers required – just direct cover. And if you're a Vodacom customer, you may qualify for special loyalty benefits, such as a new smartphone or cash back. VodaSure pays out valid claims within 48 hours of verifying all required documentation.

    Biddi Rorke