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Ruby Moodley from IT Network Recruitment, a beneficiary of the Vodacom-established Innovator Trust, shares more about the company and how they work.


Ruby Moodley from IT Network Recruitment

IT Network Recruitment is a professional provider of IT-, administration-, banking- and engineering-related resources, training and consulting services.

Our offering includes resource management services, sourcing of permanent and contract staff, training, training programme management services, online training assessment tools, change management consulting and online assessments in change management.

We have over 15 years’ experience in facilitated project management, training project management and change management within various projects.

Our expertise also spans into providing tools for change management and training capacity. Quantitative surveys are carried out in-house to provide organisations with realistic and scientific analyses.

We provide experienced resource managers who are able to plan resource needs, provide costings, contact candidates directly without a middleman, negotiate rates, set up interviews, facilitate credit, reference and criminal checks, and control all admin.

We work closely with our clients’ HR divisions on permanent placements so we can understand the company requirements, culture and targets. In this way, we provide the right candidate at the right place at the right time!

Our success lies in the fact that we provide excellent customer service, a 48-hour turnaround time on requests for staff and services, IT staff to perform all project-related tasks ranging from business consulting and project management to training and administration, and access to the most experienced candidates through over 15 years of experience and interaction with them.

IT Network Recruitment is just one of the beneficiaries of the Vodacom-established Innovator Trust. Click here to find out about the other beneficiaries.

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