When it comes to keeping the kids entertained, more is more, and these series are guaranteed to keep the kids happy. Download them all using the Showmax app on your smartphone or tablet and watch offline later – while at the airport, in the air, on the road or at granny and grandpa’s house where there’s no wifi.

    Showmax’s kids’ line-up includes Boomerang classics, Disney fan favourites, Nickelodeon adventures and brand-new shows for pre-schoolers, tweens and teens that you won’t find anywhere else.

    1. Pablo S1 | First on Showmax

    Pablo may have autism, but that doesn’t stop him from tackling the world. With the help of his imaginary friends, who he creates with his crayons, he learns that he can handle whatever comes his way.

    2. Hey Duggee episodes 1–52

    This adorable CBeebies series recently won the Best Pre-School Animation award at the 2018 BAFTAs, and it’s not hard to see why. Lovable dog Duggee is a scout leader of sorts, teaching the squirrels all kinds of life skills that help them to earn their badges for everything from ‘cake’ to ‘treasure hunt’ and ‘paper boat’.

    3. Find Me in Paris S1 | First on Showmax

    Lena the ballerina is on the cusp of fame in the year 1905 – until her boyfriend gives her an old family necklace that transports her to the 21st century. While trying to find a way back home, she learns how to fit into the modern world, and realises that she might not want to go back at all. 

    4. Revolting Rhymes | First on Showmax

    Roald Dahl’s hilarious twists on classic fairytales were brought to life by Cape Town-based Triggerfish Animation in collaboration with Magic Light Pictures in this delightfully gory series that was nominated for an Oscar and won 15 major international awards.

    5. Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place S1–4

    Alex and her brothers come from a long line of wizards and they need to master their magic powers or lose them forever. The three land up in all sorts of trouble as they handle school, friends and magic.

    6. Guess How Much I Love You S1–2

    Big Nutbrown Hare and his son, Little Nutbrown Hare, live happily together and always look for different ways to show their love for each other. Illustrated in beautiful watercolours, this is an inspiring and entertaining show.

    7. Disney's Sofia the First S4

    Dragons, sea monsters ... and flying camels! This is set to be the zaniest season for Sofia yet. New adventures, mysterious lands and strange magical creatures await her and her friends, so come along for the ride.

    8. Adventure Time S1–2

    Finn and Jake are the heroes of Ooo, a land filled with quests and monsters to be vanquished. Whether it's fighting the evil Ice King or running an errand for the lovely Princess Bubblegum, there is always a new adventure waiting for them.

    9. Ben 10 S1A

    Ben is just another boy, until he finds a strange watch that can turn him into 10 different powerful aliens. His new powers help him save people, but there are others who also want the device.

    10. The Amazing World of Gumball S1

    Gumball the cat always has a scheme going, but usually not a good one. Yet he never stops trying – because he never learns his lesson! Luckily for him, his sister and his friends put up with it ... sort of.

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