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    25 August 2021


    The news that fuses us all

    THE FUSE, news app. No registrations, No Fees- just content that you are already interested in all-in-one single application.

    What is it?  This is a news and content aggregator application with AI at its core very similar to Google News and Read from Taboola. No registrations, No Fees- just content that you are already interested in all-in-one single application.

    In an era of fake news and filter bubbles, THE FUSE wants to bring qualitative journalism from a large number of publishers, both small and large, to the youth and millennials of South Africa.– a group that’s only able to consume more information than any group before, but they have also become accustomed to cutting through it. Lucie Greene of thisislightyears.com aptly describes them as “perhaps the most brand-critical, bullshit-repellent, questioning group around and will call out any behaviour they dislike... ."  The youth and Millennials are the future of this great nation with a demanding appetite to create meaning, sustainability, and opportunity for all.

    The latest news, lifestyle hacks, sports and Play like you mean it with THE FUSE.  Choose from our pre-built category list from top publishers in South Africa which includes:  


    Kasier Chiefs

    Orlando Pirates

    People of South Africa


    SA Music News



    Sex Health


    Beauty and style

    Street Fashion 


    Lifestyle bling 

    Fitness and Health


    Some great features:

    - Easy to navigate interface.

    - Some intelligence built into the app will allow us to learn more about your interest and show you more news want to know about.

    - Save articles for later in your library.

    - Get breaking news alerts pushed directly to your mobile.

    With THE FUSE you can also:

    Choose from a wide topic selection

    Learn how to chop the Moola. Inspire, create, and meditate. All from top news, business, or health & training – receive the news you are really interested in. Follow or unfollow each topic whenever you want simply by clicking or un-clicking the box next to each category in the topic list. You find the topic list when clicking on the plus sign in the lower bar in your newsfeed.

    Sort order of your topics

    Make it your own! Select as many of your favourite topics as you wish in your personalized topics selection. They appear in your rolling tab above the picture-centric feed and makes it easy and user-friendly to swipe between them in the order you prefer. Be in the know with your own personalized newsfeed.

    Block sources

    Want to personalize your newsfeed even further? Block sources you do not want to receive news from by clicking on the “blocking” sign within an article. You can always unblock a source by going to the menu and then click on “Blocked Sources”.

    Download the app for Apple or Android.