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There’s nothing better than a heart-to-heart chat with your mom. Make sure you can always reach her by taking advantage of Vodacom’s great Mother’s Day offers and equipping her with some great tech!

But which phone to choose? That depends on what kind of tech user your mom is. Read on to find out! 

The technophobe

Your mom is still rocking a Nokia 3310 - and we don’t mean the new one! She’s proud of all the extra time she has on her hands because she’s not glued to social media on her phone - but secretly, she wishes she could be part of the family WhatsApp group and see all the pics of her grandkids.

It’s time to get Mom up to date with an awesome deal on a new smartphone. She’ll be texting away in no time!

The whizz

Your mom may not have grown up with cellphones, but she couldn’t live without hers now. She has all the latest apps and can teach you a thing or two about Android tips and tricks. She thinks her phone is the absolute best, but you know she would love an upgrade to something faster and slicker.

The social spy

You introduced your mom to Facebook, thinking it would be fun for her to connect with some old friends. But you didn’t realise that the only friend she’d be interested in is you! Mom comments on everything you post, likes all your photos and has even taken to commenting on your friends’ posts, too. Mortifying!

It’s too late to put the genie back in the box now - you may as well make her happy by making sure she’s kept connected.

The business maven

Your mom doesn’t spend her time knitting - she’s too busy running her own business, or occupying the corner office. You wonder if you’ll have to start making appointments to see her. Make sure you can get hold of her between conference calls when you treat her to the latest tech. After all, it’s a lot more useful than a bunch of flowers!

Mother’s Day deals

Vodacom launches its amazing Mother’s Day deals on 7 May. Check them out and find the perfect phone for your special mom. 

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