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If your kids are already into exergaming (playing action video games on Xbox, PlayStationMove, Nintendo Wii Fit or smartphones), you probably haven’t had too much reason to worry about their fitness levels during winter. But now that the weather is getting warmer, chances are you’d like to get the whole family outdoors to do something active together. These suggestions might help.

Play Wizards Unite

You don’t need to know your Gryffindor from your Slytherin to appreciate this game, which takes players into the magical world of Harry Potter. Wizards Unite uses augmented reality so that players can use their smartphones to see animated creatures in the real world, much like Pokemon Go. You can find objects, creatures and characters – including 3D animations of Harry Potter locations – and interact with them. Certain locations are marked by fortresses, where players can team up in Wizard Challenges to outperform more potent enemies together. It’s is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

Run away from zombies

Zombie Run! is a fun survivalist game, in which you star as the main character in humanity’s struggle for survival during the apocalypse of the walking dead. As you run (with headphones on) you’ll hear zombies approaching – there’s no stronger encouragement to get you jogging faster – and you can amass virtual supplies to save yourself from disaster. The app keeps a record of all runs and it can be shared with family and friends. Best suited for those over 14 years. Free on iOS and Android.

Stay safe

With monthly subscription fees of just R29, the V-Kids Watch by Vodacom allows your kids to explore while keeping you aware of their whereabouts. Check their location on the TCLMOVE App, and if they need help, they can send an alert to your smartphone via the SOS button on the watch. This means your youngsters have the freedom to move around – while you have the reassurance of being connected.

Find out more about the V-Kids Watch and other smart devices in the V by Vodacom range here.

Header photo by Juan Cruz Mountford on Unsplash

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