Twitch Streamers Your Kids Can Follow
24 November 2022

Nafisa Akabor

Twitch Streamers Your Kids Can Follow

Here’s our picks of Twitch streamers that your kids can follow.

Interactive live streaming service Twitch is the best place to catch your favourite live streams, usually slanted towards gaming. However, these streamers or “broadcasters”, as they’re known, also cover topics like cooking, making art, building stuff, and a whole lot more.

You can access Twitch via the web, mobile app, or gaming consoles. It’s beyond just tuning into a channel like on TV; it encourages chatting, which makes it interactive by letting you connect with streamers.

But it’s important to note that the platform is aimed at anyone 13 years old and up. A younger child would need adult supervision, preferably by accessing it through a parent or adult’s account.

With that in mind, here are some kid-friendly streamers suitable for the younger crowd:


Halfcoordinated plays a variety of games one-handed due to a physical disability. He works at Ubisoft as an accessibility design specialist and his stream leans towards accessibility talk occasionally. Halfcoordinated plays action games, platformers, and action-adventure titles. Chat rules are clear: no racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or other blatantly offensive talks.


ZombieGirlie describes herself as someone into gaming, make-up, and a feminist who does not tolerate offensive talk, including body shaming and bashing other streamers. She specialises in Overwatch and streams from Monday-Friday, and streams can last up to six hours. Other games played are Resident Evil and Predator: Hunting Grounds but these carry age restrictions, so best to follow her Overwatch streams.


DataDave is a voice-over actor, college professor and content creator who focuses on online fantasy video games (MMOs), role-playing games (RPGs), Pokemon and more. He has an interactive stream that focuses on broadcasting story games and reading webtoons with other guest actors. Dave also posts his schedule on his page so you can follow based on game preference. His rules are no hate speech, slurs, or insults.


FalseSymmetry is a family-friendly streamer who plays Minecraft primarily and lists her schedule on her channel. She has been on Twitch since 2014 and plays other games like Sea of Thieves, Jurassic World Evolution 2, Subnautica, Ori and the Blind Forest, and more. She also uses stream-safe music on her channel.


For the Fortnite fans out there, Dakotaz is your go-to, with more than 4.7m followers. You can find his schedule directly on his page and view previous streams. His channel offers a clean stream for the younger crowd who want to watch this skilled player in action. He is known for positively engaging with audiences.


StreamDadIRL, who’s been on Twitch since 2017, runs a farm with its own dedicated channel. His schedule is related to anytime he’s doing work on the farm and he describes the channel as a “family-friendly stream team”. It was also created for a good cause: to raise awareness for ovarian cancer after his wife’s diagnosis.

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Nafisa Akabor