30 October 2017


    Unlocking Possibilities at the GovTech Summit 2017

    The 12th SITA GovTech (government technology) conference will take place at the Durban Convention Centre from 30 October to 1 November 2017.

    The 12th SITA GovTech (government technology) conference will take place at the Durban International Convention Centre from 30 October to 1 November 2017. The theme for this year's conference is ‘Unlocking Possibilities to build a functioning society’, with a view to progress government's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) agenda and increase collaboration between the public and private sector to  help drive technological innovation and growth.

    Vodacom’s experience, knowledge and insights meet the need for expertise, products and services in wireless communications technology and their role in providing enhanced performance and reduced cost benefits is achieved by offering solutions that improve efficiency.

    • Vodacoms Innovative solutions are aimed at driving the economy : 
      • The effective use of technology will allow for improved information flow and data gathering
      • The investment in real-time engagement by government vs the Solutions need to be developed to meet citizens needs
      • This requires a partner that has an in-depth understanding of the industry and is able to provide tailored solutions to meet needs

    Throughout the conference Vodacom will be showcasing some of their major products and solutions for building a connected society, such as Connected Farmer, Next Generation Policing, Citizenship Engagement, One Business and Virtual Learning amongst others.

    Connected Farmer

    With an estimated combined investment of around R21 million over three years, the Connected Farmer platform, a cloud-based web and mobile software solution recently launched by Vodacom, will link thousands of smallholder farmers to the agriculture value chain, enabling access to information, services and markets.

    Food security in South Africa remains a challenge, with just 30 000 commercial farmers producing most of the country’s food. Over 200 000 smallholder farmers and an estimated two million subsistence farmers have an important role to play in food security and poverty reduction, yet their access to markets, information and finance is limited or non-existent. 

    There is also a lack of available data on smallholder farmers and their supply chains, which is a barrier to informed decision-making by agribusinesses and policy makers.

    Citizen Engagement Platform

    The Citizen Engagement Platform aims to enable, empower and improve communication between government and the employees, citizens and businesses. This engagement strives to facilitate improved service delivery and communication. This communication aims to be secure, effortless, as well as provide a great experience and service through Vodacom’s technology and execution.

    Virtual Education

    Virtual Teacher is a new interactive technology platform which allows an individual teacher or lecturer to deliver lessons in real-time to multiple remote classrooms or locations simultaneously. Through a range of smart devices, learners can join classes from anywhere and at any time. For the first time in South Africa, the technology can be accessed through any personal device.

    The platform is supported through portable hardware which delivers high quality visuals and sound. It can also accommodate unlimited viewer numbers. The technology enables live interaction with the remote audience through a texting Q & A facility for written responses during the lesson.

    One Net Business

    Vodacom One Net Business is a cloud-based, unified communication solution that seamlessly integrates your fixed and mobile telephony services across any device. Making or receiving a call in the office on an IP phone and continuing that same call by 'pulling' the call to a cellphone, tablet or desktop device, without a break in transmission, is now a reality.

    Because all this integration occurs in the cloud, the service removes the need for on-premise PBX equipment. This allows employees to work effectively, whether in the office or out and about. The One Net Business mobile and desktop apps allow for team collaboration through features like chat, peer to peer video conferencing, presence information, screen and content sharing. Best of all, One Net Business service enables working within a pay-as-you-grow model housed on our secure, managed network.