Thought leadership
    18 December 2020


    Vodacom Business Africa continues to enable multinational enterprises

    Today's businesses are faced with overwhelming and competing challenges as they continue to navigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Despite these challenges Vodacom Business Africa continues to support the expansion ambitions of multinational enterprises throughout Africa and internationally, offering them true transformation and digital independence to realise the levels of efficiency needed to prosper.

    Establishing a business and managing business operations effectively in an international environment is not an easy task. Stitching together a multinational enterprise's geographically dispersed assets using a best-in-class fixed and mobile network can easily become one of the Chief Technology Officer's (CTO) biggest pain points. Therefore, having a network that is not only extensive but also flexible and scalable to changing demands, has become an imperative CTO consideration when choosing how best to connect their geographically spread operations in Africa.

    This is where Vodacom Business Africa's value proposition takes centre stage, as we support the multinational's CTO by leveraging our ICT solutions and investments across our footprint, while empowering our multinational's agenda.

    Over the past 12 years, Vodacom Business Africa has developed a deep understanding of the nuances of operating in Africa and carefully developed an extensive network that spans 47 countries on the continent and in excess of 150 markets around the world, through Vodafone's global footprint. Our recent network expansion into the Middle East and the United States of America is enabling us to bring Africa closer to the rest of the world, where local innovations are given the platform to scale and impact broader ecosystems.

    Our network infrastructure and connectivity has enabled seamless and secure connectivity for multinational organisations without compromising the quality of service delivery across our footprint, irrespective of the spread of countries these organisations operate in.

    Vodacom Business Africa has empowered many Pan-African, Regional and Global Enterprises operating in verticals ranging from finance, insurance and energy services, to mining and construction and other professional services enterprises rapidly achieving growth and scale as their operation's traverse respective borders. Expanding into new and unfamiliar territories is a complex enough undertaking without worrying about your communications, IT infrastructure and systems. Multinational enterprises have the additional challenge of preserving their brand reputation while enhancing customer experiences when operating in foreign markets. This means they need to focus more on their core reasons for existing and even more so in cases where their products and service offerings are not core ICT services.

    The solutions we offer navigate the entire spectrum of digital transformation services which make for smart service offerings. By combining hybridised fixed and mobile connectivity solutions overlaid on private and Public networks, multinationals can consume their enterprise applications directly from hosted locations within hybrid private and public hyper-scale clouds.


    Get ahead with Vodacom Business

    Vodacom Business Africa understands that the depth and breadth of internationalisation of multinationals is determined by factors such as their risk appetites, relative strengths of their competitive advantages, delicate balances of competing pressures to localise their products versus the need for efficiencies and cost optimisation through leveraging its centres of excellence as much as possible.


    This is why we offer our clients the flexibility of central versus local currencies billing and contracting models, through our local, regional and central operating companies and partners. We have curated a unique set of platforms across our group company subsidiaries, while forging strategic partnerships across our value chain ecosystems to enable us to deliver a strong set of combined capabilities across key markets.


    Vodacom Business Africa has enabled multinationals to easily adapt to their changing operating contexts in the flexible ways we contract with the buying centres

    of our clients. Using Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies overlaid

    onto our networks, our Pan-African network can mimic the consumption patterns and location-specific demands of the data generated from these clients' deployed digital technologies and enterprise software applications themselves.