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    08 March 2022


    Vodacom Business profile: Gopolang Ngale-lekgetha

    In recognition of International Women’s Day, we speak to Gopolang Ngale-Lekgetha, Executive Head of Marketing for Vodacom Business, about the importance of diversity in business. 

    On International Women’s Day (IWD), the world recognises the outstanding achievements of women, despite the persistent obstacles they face. IWD is an official holiday in more than 19 countries. It’s helped strengthen support for women’s rights movements and participation in politics and the economy. This day has been especially significant for women in developing countries, whose rights are often severely limited. 

    We speak to Gopolang Ngale-Lekgetha, Executive Head of Marketing for Vodacom Business, about why diversity is so important across our business. 

    Please let us know your current position at Vodacom and how long you have worked for the company

    I have been the Executive Head of Marketing for Vodacom Business going on to 4 years. 

    How has your career grown at Vodacom? 

    Although I have been in the same position, I believe the profile of my role and that of my team (my magic makers ) has grown in a positive way. We pride ourselves on delivering clear business impact and return on marketing investment in everything we do. I also believe that having a supportive boss who understands the strategic role Marketing plays in the business has helped with our success. My career has definitely benefited from this experience as it gave me an opportunity to draw onto my extensive B2B marketing experience, while leveraging my knowledge in technology to help transform the perception of Vodacom Business,  from being a Telco to a Techno. Starting with internal stakeholders across the group and with our customers where it matters the most.

    Why do you think it is important to have more women in managerial or senior positions? 

    I believe as females it is innate in us to nurture and grow those around us. As a woman in technology, I have had to fight 3 times harder than my male counterparts to be seen and heard. This has helped me develop a thick skin; subtle confidence and a “can-do” approach. This has armed me with the tenacity to take risks and stand firm in what I believe in. I am no longer asking for “a seat” at the table, I am being invited to the table and making sure I bring more females along with me, my team is an example of this.

    What has been the highlight of your career at Vodacom? 

    Being given an opportunity by Vodafone Business to grow in a new role at the new Vodafone R&D Innovation Hub in Malaga Spain. 

    What advice would you give young women starting out in their career path? 

    Be consistent and make sure you can quantify the value your role brings to any business! Stay calm and execute!

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