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Vodacom Now!

Transform how you do business with top-of-the-range digital services.

A ready business uses the latest technology to improve productivity and communication. With Vodacom Cloud Marketplace, it's now easier than ever before to use licenced and updated software from the world's leading companies. Using the power of the cloud, Vodacom hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet. Now you can manage all your business apps and licences in one place.

As a Vodacom customer, you can sign up for free and only pay for what your business needs. If you are still growing, Vodacom Cloud Marketplace grows with you.

What do you need to use Vodacom Cloud Marketplace? 

All you need to get started is an Internet connection. The service currently offers the following software: 


  • Microsoft Office 365 - This is available on all your devices. You can select to have all of the Microsoft products, or just the ones that you need for your business. With this app you get email for your enterprise, calendars, web conferencing, easy file-sharing capabilities, and more. 
  • Skype for Business - Communicate and collaborate with team members all across the world.
  • Microsoft Exchange Online - This brings a messaging solution that allows users get access to calendars, contacts, email and tasks on different interfaces like PCs and mobile devices.  
  • OneDrive for Business - OneDrive offers users an easy way to exchange files and messages easily and securely.


Make your business a network of sharing and collaborating in real-time, anywhere, anytime on any device. 

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