19 July 2022


    Vodacom Financial Services celebrates Nelson Mandela Day with UJ Students

    Vodacom Financial Service content team spent time inspiring young people on Mandela Day.

    The Vodacom Financial Services Content Team spent 67 minutes on Mandela Day to host students from the University of Johannesburg who are currently in their third year of study in Strategic Communications, Marketing and Public Relations.

    The #67Minutes started with presentations by the content team on three fundamental topics of interest:

    • UX writing and design in a super app world
    • Creative writing for corporates
    • How to create a brand using social media

    We ended off the presentations with an interactive Q&A session. We were delightfully surprised by the insights and level of engagement from the students. It is safe to say that we too learned more than we hoped we would.


    The legacy of Nelson Mandela – who would have been 104 years today – is that of a man who cared deeply for his country and its citizens. Mandela was born to be a humanitarian who was patriotic in his efforts to display UBUNTU towards people. He showed us all how to give others a hand-up through our small everyday actions. 

    The feedback from the students was motivating and inspiring. “I wish I could work in a place like this one day, do you have any internships or jobs available that we can apply for,” asked Zama, a third-year Public Relations Student at UJ.

    Curious to see how the day unfolded? Watch all the highlights in this video taken during the event. 

    From the moment they walked in, till the moment they left, the students were excited, engaged and abuzz with excitement. 

    Aiden Sookdin, head of product content at Vodacom Financial Services says, “I am so happy that we decided to celebrate Mandela Day by sharing our knowledge and giving these young students the opportunity to see what we do at Vodacom Financial Services daily. It is true that even the smallest action can make a significant difference, this is only the beginning, we still have so much more to offer, and I am excited to build on this success!”