05 November 2017


    Vodacom is there for Mum and Baby

    With Vodacom Mum & Baby, you have access to free health advice and videos for you and your baby.

    There are few things more exciting that welcoming a healthy, bubbling new little person into the world. For many first-time parents, the time before the baby's birth can be filled with anxiety and unanswered questions. How will I take care of my baby when I have to go back to work? What can I expect from my husband or partner? What can I do to support the mother of my child during the first few months? 

    Fortunately, you are not alone. With Vodacom Mum and Baby, you have free access to quality information and videos to prepare you for the life-giving journey of bringing a child into the world. And it's not just for mums-to-be, either: register as a father and you will receive daily tips and advice to support the mother of your child.

    What's included?

    • Due date calculator. Work out when your baby is due, based on your last period.
    • Medicine checker. Check if medicines are safe to use while you are pregnant.
    • Immunization calendar. See what injections are required for your newborn baby.
    • Health articles for mum and baby, from getting pregnant to dealing with baby's first teeth.

    How does it work?

    • Visit Mum and Baby on vlive!
    • Login with your phone number and enter your OTP.