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Vodacom Business today announced that it has partnered with BlackFog, Inc. in order to provide cybersecurity and privacy solutions it’s more than 43 million Vodacom customers.

With 2017 research reporting that over 95% of African businesses are operating below what is known as the ‘cyber-security poverty line’, Africa is becoming a target for cyber-criminals. As a result, cybersecurity and privacy are critical issues for their customers.

As a leading supplier of telecommunications, infrastructure and enterprise software in South Africa and in Africa, Vodacom through this partnership, seeks to ensure that its customers have the best of breed solution available to protect them from today’s increasingly sophisticated online threats.

BlackFog provides on-device data privacy and fileless cybersecurity, crucial in today’s threat landscape as 77% of cyber-attacks are reported to be fileless and 10x more likely to succeed. BlackFog consists of 12 layers of defence against ransomware, spyware, malware, phishing and unauthorized data collection and profiling. Vodacom Executive Head for Cyber Security, Sunjay Ramessur said: 'BlackFog’s unique approach to cybersecurity and data loss using outbound data protection was an important part of the decision process. We are excited to offer this solution to our customers.'

Dr. Darren Williams, CEO of BlackFog said: 'BlackFog is excited to partner with Vodacom to bring data privacy and cybersecurity protection to its customers across all mobile and desktop platforms. Today’s cyber-attacks are more sophisticated than ever, and we know that Hackers will always find a way into the network. Whereas most solutions focus on trying to stop an attacker from getting in or after they have already done damage, we focus on prevention. By preventing data loss, data profiling and data collection, we can detect attacks in real-time, stopping threats and preventing them from stealing data.'

For more information on Vodacom's cybersecurity products, visit Vodacom Business online today. 

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