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    12 April 2017


    Vodacom Siyakha brings you Facebook Flex

    You have the power to stay connected to Facebook for FREE with Vodacom Siyakha and Facebook Flex.

    You have the power to stay connected to Facebook for FREE with Vodacom Siyakha and Facebook Flex.

    We believe that keeping up with your friends and family, and staying connected to the people who matter to you, shouldn't have to cost you a cent. That's why we brought you Vodacom Siyakha. With Siyakha, you get zero-rated access to education, careers and healthcare sites, and more - and of course, access to Facebook Flex. 

    You can update your friends and family on what's going on in your life, and let them know that you're interested in their news by commenting on and liking their posts - even if you have a 0MB data balance!

    What is Facebook Flex?   

    Facebook Flex is a basic, free version of Facebook. It’s available via facebook.com, as well as the Android app. 

    It allows you to stay in control of your data usage by letting you switch between the Free Mode and Data Mode.

    What can I do on the Free Mode? 

    You can comment, like or share on Facebook using the Free Mode.

    To view photos and videos, though, you will need to switch to Data Mode, which is simple and easy.

    How do I switch modes? 

    When you're in Free Mode, you won't be able to see photos or videos.

    Instead, you will see a purple prompt saying 'See photos' or 'See videos'. 

    When you click on the prompt, you are switching to Data Mode, and you will be able to view, share and post photos and videos as well as all the features of Free Mode.

    But note that normal data charges apply as soon as you've switched from Free Mode to Data Mode.

    How do I register? 

    1. Dial *135*32# or visit www.facebook.com  via the web browser or Facebook app on your Android phone.
    2. Create a new profile or log into your existing profile.
    3. If you've set up a new profile, you will receive a code by SMS that you will need to use on facebook.com.
    4. Add all your friends and family members to your profile so that you can keep up with them and stay connected to everyone you love.
    5. Now that you've set up your profile, switch to Free Mode every time you log in by pushing the purple prompt at the top of the screen. You'll be able to like, comment and share!6. When you want to view, share or post data-heavy images or videos, simply switch to Data Mode, and remember that your normal data charges will apply. Once you're done, switch back to Free Mode to continue using Facebook for free.

    Find out more about Facebook Flex on Vodacom Online » 

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