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    24 July 2014


    What is a USB modem?

    Want to connect to the internet using your laptop or computer? Here’s why a USB modem and data contract from Vodacom could be right for you.

    A portable USB modem, sometimes called a USB dongle, fits into the USB port on your computer or laptop. Inside the modem is a Vodacom SIM card which is loaded with data bundles that allow you to access the internet.

    Why would you want a USB modem?

    With a portable USB modem, you can connect to the internet on your PC or laptop wherever you get a Vodacom signal. These days that means just about anywhere in South Africa. 

    It also means you’re not dependent on having a physical landline nor do you have to spend time trying to find a Wi-Fi hotspot. 

    Today’s USB modems are simple to use and provide fast connections – especially when using an LTE-capable device which gives you super-fast internet access. The modems also usually feature a memory card slot and can function as a storage device as well.

    What would you use it for?

    A USB modem is great for people who travel often and want a hassle-free way to connect to the web. USB modems provide highly reliable, uninterrupted connectivity, allowing you to enjoy all that the internet has to offer – whether it's checking your work emails or streaming music, browsing the web and catching up on Facebook.

    How do I get a USB modem?

    To get a USB modem, you can either take out a data contract (usually 24 months) which includes the modem, a SIM card, as well as a monthly allocation of data. Alternatively, you can buy the USB modem for a once-off price on Prepaid and top up your data bundles as and when you need them.

    The current USB modems available from Vodacom connect to either the HSUPA network, which is one step up from 3G, or LTE, a much faster network which is up to three times quicker than 3G.  

    Contract prices vary according to the amount of monthly data you choose to sign up for. For example, you can get 500MB of data a month from R79 per month or 3GB per month from R228.99 per month for 24 months.

    How much data do I need?

    If you’re not sure how much data you need, take a look at our simple guide here or check out Vodacom’s useful data calculator.