06 January 2022

    Sam Wright

    What to expect from Gaming in 2022

    What are we looking forward to in the coming year?

    The last two years have seen major new games released and next-generation (now current-gen) hardware dropped and yet…. It might have felt like gaming stalled. The things that excited us the most were no longer readily available and the giant shift to online with the global pandemic, while great for gaming, also meant certain things we loved about our passion fell by the wayside. One thing the last two years has taught us is to expect the unexpected, but here’s hoping 2022 delivers on some of these things:

    More video games!

    2022 should see a host of big titles dropping that will keep us gaming on console, PC and mobile. So many games saw their release dates pushed back over the past few years but as the world returns to some sense of normality, we should see a few epic titles drop early on in the year. Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring, Gran Turismo 7 and GTA 5 will all drop in the first three months of the year, so there is already a host of games to look forward to right as we come out of the new year. 

    Shortages be gone!

    Whether you’ve been trying to get your hands on PC parts or just an elusive Playstation 5, South Africa was hard hit with limited stock on a host of gaming hardware in 2021. Global chip shortages and a bottleneck in the supply chain were blamed, especially off the back of COVID shutdowns. However, it would appear as we move into 2022, those bottlenecks will, hopefully, clear and we’ll see more of the latest hardware landing on our shores. Fingers crossed we get some good deals and bundling options through various retailers and providers, so everyone can get their hands on the good stuff. 

    Live events are back baby!

    South Africa thrives off live gaming events. Whether it be epic gaming festivals like the iconic rAge or the somewhat new kid on the block, Comic Con, local gamers have flocked to these conventions to get hands-on with new games, watch live tournaments and share their passion with other gamers. In 2022 expect to see the big players back offering up fun in real-life events but also prepare for smaller gaming-focused offerings at places like VodaWorld in Midrand, Johannesburg. Prime locations that offer up unique boutique type gaming experiences are going to be exactly where everyone congregates, especially after jamming online together for nearly two years.

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    Prepare to go mobile

    Gaming in 2022 is definitely going to be moving to mobile. Esports events typically watched on the likes of Twitch and YouTube are going to find their way onto streaming service apps and even your favourite branded app. 2022 will definitely see more gaming content make its way to these brand-specific apps and potentially off the more traditional social platforms as it offers a direct link between the gamer and brand. It’ll be new and different but can only benefit gamers desperate to keep up to date on the latest news and enjoy gaming streams in their downtime. 

    Video games but for education?

    There’s no arguing that video games as an entertainment medium or fun hobby is now a mainstream staple. It’s up there with binging Netflix on a chilled Friday night. But as we enter the new year, expect to see the educational value that many games offer utilised in school settings. Playing video games is a fantastic way to develop cognitive skills and improve various skillsets like concentration, focus, creativity, memory and teamwork. Expect gamification to become a key tool in educational material and even in the corporate setting.

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    Sam Wright