21 September 2021


    Why Not Try These Classic Mzansi Meals?

    From red meat lovers to sweet tooths and spice aficionados, there’s something for everyone this Heritage Day!  

    Savoury or sweet, the best way to connect to your heritage is often through your tastebuds. Here are five dishes to give you that home flavour. 

    Zola Nene’s amagwinya 

    Crunchy on the outside with a tender centre, this South African classic (also known as vetkoek) has long pleased palates from the Western Cape to Limpopo and everywhere in between. Is there anything better than pulling apart a freshly fried igwinya and watching the steam rise? The Twitter debate will continue to rage about what its perfect pairing is, but we don't mind as long as it’s fresh out of the fryer!  

    Pap and wors stew

    South Africa is a meat-loving country, and nothing signifies that more than this dish, which combines our famous spiced sausage, wors, with a dietary staple that everyone’s gogo and ouma makes best. A hot topic is always what sides go best with these two superstars. Some say cabbage and atchar, some say spinach and gravy, and the rebels say coleslaw! Still, we’ll leave that choice up to you because as any citizen of the Rainbow Nation will tell you, variety is the spice of life.

    Milk tart 

    Every small town resident in South Africa will tell you which of their neighbours makes the best version of this iconic sweet treat, because those milk tart competitions in dorpies are more hotly contested than the Rugby World Cup! Along with a strong mug of coffee, there are few yummier ways to round off a braai. Or enjoy your slice the traditional Cape way with afternoon tea on the stoep.

    Cape Malay chicken curry

    The aroma of a fragrant blend of spices evokes home for many South Africans whose heritage is spread across continents and histories. Cape Malay chicken curry is one of those dishes that crosses the cultural divide. You’re as likely to find it on a Sunday lunch table as you are at the school fete. This crowd-pleaser showcases one of the best things about South Africa – that a myriad of communities call it home. 

    Sticky ribs, chakalaka and plaited corn

    Nothing quite like juicy, sticky ribs that are messy to eat, but oh so yummy. Paired with your favourite side dishes, this is the perfect meal to share with friends. Here The Lazy Makoti shows us how to make sticky ribs, chakalaka and plaited corn. 

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    Header image from Pexels