SME solutions
    02 June 2015


    Wireless internet for your business

    Need affordable, reliable and quick to install high-speed internet? Meet Broadband Connect Wireless Premium.

    For South African businesses, a reliable and affordable internet connection has gone from being a luxury to a necessity. With this in mind, Vodacom Business has added a new service to its portfolio of broadband products.

    Called Broadband Connect Wireless Premium, the new offering is a microwave-based service that connects users with Vodacom’s network directly and isn’t subject to many of the challenges that conventional fixed-line services present.

    No fixed line installation needed

    For a start, Broadband Connect Wireless Premium is faster to deploy because no line installation is required. Instead, the service relies on a direct, line-of-site connection between your premises and Vodacom’s network infrastructure.

    This lack of dependence on a fixed line also means greater reliability because Broadband Connect Wireless Premium isn’t susceptible to cable theft or other infrastructure-based service disruptions.

    Fast download speeds

    At the same time, it offers a comparable experience to fixed line services with download speeds of between 2Mbit/s and 40Mbit/s (and corresponding upload speeds of approximately half the chosen download speed).

    Those download speeds are the maximum speed a connection is capable of, but it’s important to note that actual speeds will vary depending on contention ratios during network congestion. That is, speeds may vary during peak hours, for example, when more users may be online and generating more traffic that in off-peak periods.

    Professional installation and support

    Installation of Broadband Wireless Connect is performed by qualified Vodacom technicians and includes the requisite broadband router and antenna. Vodacom offers complete end-to-end support for Broadband Wireless Connect, from initial set-up to after-sales support via its customer care centre, which can be reached on 082 1960 for free when called from a Vodacom handset.

    Broadband Wireless Connect customers can choose from a range of optional add-ons such as voice-over IP (VoIP) or cloud-based services as needed. This means added flexibility as the service has the ability to scale with a business as it grows. Furthermore, this means Broadband Wireless Connect can be used for calling, relieving pressure from existing telephony solutions.

    Vodacom offers a wide selection of capped and uncapped packages designed to suit individual business’s requirements. It’s this flexibility, reliability and affordability that makes Broadband Wireless Connect the perfect primary connectivity solution for small and medium businesses, and an excellent redundancy solution for large businesses.

    With Broadband Connect Wireless Premium businesses can get online in a matter of days rather than weeks and are guaranteed reliable, high-speed connectivity. This means less time worrying about getting online and more time to take advantage of the benefits consistent and dependable connectivity affords. Welcome to the future.

    How much does Broadband Wireless Connect cost?

    Broadband Wireless Connect has a range of capped and uncapped services on offer to suit the requirements of your business. There will be a once-off installation fee that includes all of the necessary hardware for Broadband Connect Wireless Premium and the services of a qualified Vodacom technician. For full pricing details, go to the Vodacom Business website.

    What other broadband solutions does Vodacom Business offer?

    Broadband Connect Wireless Premium is the latest addition to Vodacom’s broadband portfolio, which includes fibre, LTE, DSL and satellite connectivity options and collectively offer downloads speeds between 2Mbit/s and 100Mbit/s, allowing business owners to choose the type of broadband connection, speed and data allowance that best suits their unique requirements.