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30th Sep 19


4 apps to keep your child safe

30th Sep 19

Michaela Stehr
By Michaela Stehr13 Followers

The internet has an abundance of exciting and educational tools for your children to use, but how do you ensure they don’t stumble onto adult content without constantly peering over their shoulder? We’ve rounded up four apps that will give you peace of mind while your little one is browsing the web.

1. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Download Kaspersky Safe Kids

With Kaspersky, you can monitor your child’s online activity. Block adult content and suspicious search results, monitor their app usage and set screen time limitations, all through one easy platform. Kaspersky works across PC, mobile and mac, ensuring your family aren’t exposed to inappropriate and harmful content. Another great feature of the app is that there are tips from certified psychologists for discussing the dangers of the internet and internet usage with your children in a productive way that is relevant to your child’s age group.

Download Kaspersky Safe Kids for Android here and for iOS here.

2. Kidgy

Download Kidgy

Looking to track the amount of time your kids spend on social media and websites, who their contacts are, and their whereabouts through one app? Kidgy is the answer. This unique application aims to combat the stress of modern parenting by allowing you to monitor your child’s movements online and in the real world. A notification is also sent when your child moves out of a specific zone that you have set – all in real-time. Kidgy also allows you to set tasks for your children to complete and to monitor their text message interaction with friends and family.

Download Kidgy for Android or iOS.

3. DinnerTime Plus

Download DinnerTime Plus

We are always connected, but how connected are we really – IRL, that is? It’s often difficult to gather the family and even more difficult to get everyone to disconnect so that you can spend quality time together. DinnerTime Plus is an app designed to get your kids to take time off from their devices and be present in the real world. You can set time limits, monitor their real-time usage and set schedules for when they may be online.

Download DinnerTime Plus for Android or iOS.

4. KidzSearch Filtering

Download KidzSearch

This app sets strict filter results across your child’s device, so something as innocent as a misspelt search can’t lead them to harmful content. The app also selects safe and age-appropriate games, music stations, educational videos and an encyclopaedia for homework. KidzSearch Filtering uses the same filters like that of Safe Search Kids, but applies it to mobile usage specifically, for an all-round clean user experience.

Download KidzSearch Filtering for Android here and for iOS here.

Did you know Vodacom offers a range of smart devices that will allow you to track not just your child, but your bag too? Find out more about the V by Vodacom range here.

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