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    14 April 2022

    Nafisa Akabor

    Load shedding survival kit

    Need to stay somewhat connected during a rolling blackout? Here’s what you need for your load shedding survival kit.

    Rolling blackouts have been a part of our lives for more than 15 years and it’s safe to say they are not going anywhere anytime soon. The more frequently they occur, the more problematic it becomes for productivity. There are ways you can make it more manageable through back-up power and solutions to remain connected during that time. 

    Here’s our load shedding survival kit:

    Get a data SIM with a MiFi dongle 

    Instead of using your smartphone as a hotspot, which can overheat and cause damage, buy a data only contract with a MiFi dongle. You can browse the Vodacom website to find the best deal for your budget or data allocation for your household. Keep the MiFi dongle charged for when load shedding is expected or have a power bank on hand.

    Load shedding light bulbs

    Want power around your house or just your office and living areas during load shedding? Simply swap out your current light bulbs with the Light Worx LED 7W rechargeable bulbs (B77 Bayonet) that cost R150 each. The bulbs recharge while there is a power supply but once load shedding hits, they switch over automatically for up to four hours. You can also manually turn it off if you need to. It claims to save up to 80% of energy when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. 

    More than one power bank

    Speaking about power banks, yes you probably already have one but how many gadgets or devices do you have? You can either shop power banks for each person in your household or switch to a large capacity one (10 000mAh or 20 000mAh) that lets you charge two devices at once. Things to look out for: fast charge port, power saving, use any cable to recharge (USB-C, micro-USB and Lightning). Tip: Download the MyVodacom App and check the VodaBucks store for power bank deals.

    Buy a UPS for your PC or router

    If you’re dealing with sensitive data on a PC that cannot be switched off, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is your best bet. This is also ideal for a fibre router to keep it running seamlessly. Make sure you purchase the correct one for the device it will be connected to. You essentially plug the UPS into a wall socket, and then plug the device or PC directly into the UPS – take note for 3 pin-plug support where needed and how long it will last during load shedding. 

    Get a car power inverter

    If you’re either on the road or urgently need power to recharge your electronics and gadgets, simply get a 200W Car Power Inverter from Leroy Merlin. It plugs into a cigarette lighter in your vehicle and provides recharge to a 2-pin plug at 220V AC and a USB port at 5V. It is suited for phones, cameras, portable gaming devices and uses the power from your car battery to recharge. It comes with a 12 month warranty and costs R499.

    Check out Vodacom’s fibre deals and LTE deals (for if you live in a future fibre area) and add an Uninterrupted Power Supply to your package. 

    Nafisa Akabor