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Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes are one of the oldest and quickest ways to check on your phone's airtime balance, request certain information and access account menus.

While the MyVodacom app is a great way to look for your account information, USSD codes are still a handy way to do many things quickly and easily.

How to use USSD codes

Using USSD codes is as simple as dialling a phone number. You simply need to dial the code, including any symbols such as * or #, using your phone's call functionality.

Once you dial these numbers, a popup message or menu will appear on your screen.

Here are some of the useful codes that Vodacom subscribers can use.

Codes for all customers

Service: My Vodacom Services Menu

Code: *135#

What it does: If there's one code to remember, it's this one, since the services menu gives you access to all other USSD services from Vodacom, including promotions. If you forget a code, you can access the services menu and find the option to access a specific service there. However, it's handy to remember certain other codes since they are essentially shortcuts which mean you don't have to load the whole services menu.

Service: CallMe

Code: *140*MSISDN#

What it does: This is the Please Call Me service for Vodacom which will send a free text to a phone number requesting that they call you. The MSISDN is the phone number you would like to send the CallMe text to.

Service: Customize CallMe

Code: *140#

What it does: This code allows you to customize what appears in your Please Call Me texts and other settings related to the service. You can add your display name, for example, so that contacts know who sent the request even if they don't have your number saved. You can also check how many call requests you have left for the day.

Codes for prepaid customers

Service: Balance Inquiry

Code: *136#

What it does: Your airtime balance for your SIM card will be displayed on the screen, as well as any bundles you may have bought.

Service: Recharge

Code: *136*01*Recharge PIN#

What it does: If you are recharging or loading more airtime onto your prepaid SIM with a voucher, you will use this USSD code. The value of the voucher will be added to your account. Vouchers have a recharge PIN which you will need to include with the USSD code.

Service: Please Recharge Me

Code: *140*02*MSISDN#

What it does: This USSD code sends a request to another Vodacom customer requesting airtime for your phone. The MSISDN is the phone number of the person you would like to send the request to.

Service: Data bundle transfer

Code: *135*1002#

What it does: Vodacom Prepaid customers can use this code to buy data bundles.

Service: Airtime transfer

Code: *135*072#

What it does: The airtime transfer code allows you to send airtime from your Vodacom Prepaid phone to another Vodacom Prepaid customer. Dialling the code will give you more options to follow.

Service: Airtime Advance

Code: *135*082#

What it does: Dialling this code lets you know whether you qualify for an airtime advance. These advances give you a small amount of airtime that you will only need to pay for when you next recharge. If you do not qualify for an advance, a popup message will tell you that you do not qualify and what the qualifying criteria are.

Codes for contract customers:

Service: Balance Inquiry

Code: *135*502#

What it does: This shows all the information of available balances on your handset, as well as the name of the contract plan you are on. Balance information includes talk time, SMSes, data and any other bundles you may have.

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